Almamy Kassama assuredly takes his first shot of COVID-19 vaccine.

On the 25th March 2021, Almamy Kassama used to be Johnny-on-the-save. Almamy arrived at Flip Desk vaccination centre in Brussibi, at 09: 00am, correct as the vaccinators hold been getting started. On the day he anticipated to be the first client to receive the foremost jab. He used to be greatly surprised that thirty-four other folks hold been already seated earlier than him, in prearranged plastic chairs to form obvious bodily distance and decrease the spread of COVID-19. Almamy used to be company to hold his maintain shot.  

Per Almamy, COVID-19 is an alarming stutter in The Gambia. “Each day now we hold recent COVID-19 cases and the numbers are increasing. At one level The Gambia had no longer as a lot as 10 energetic COVID-19 cases. Now now we hold almost 5,000 energetic cases,” mentioned Almamy.

Almamy’s age suits the Ministry of Effectively being criteria for receiving a COVID-19 jab. “I am already 65yrs and that locations me in likelihood of struggling COVID-19 complications if I acquire contaminated,” Almamy mentioned.

After being vaccinated, Almamy described it as a commonplace direction of. “The injection is terribly commonplace,” he mentioned. He eagerly confirmed his vaccination card and reiterated the date of his 2nd dose. “I will come support on 25 Might likely additionally, after 8 weeks, to acquire my 2nd dose,” mentioned Almamy.

Almany bought an encouragement from his childhood friend who obtained vaccinated outdated to him. “My childhood friend called after he obtained vaccinated, to explain me it is safe and that I need to light stagger to Brussibi to acquire vaccinated. I also came to snatch about COVID-19 vaccine on social media following the nationwide open of COVID-19 vaccination,” recollects Almamy. 

To fire up others, Almamy mentioned other folks need to light check for credible recordsdata about the COVID-19 vaccines. “Some sources of recordsdata are pretend as other folks drift into opinions and no longer info from Ministry of Effectively being and WHO. Folks need to light weigh recordsdata sources and count on the stunning ones,” Almamy added.

Per Almamy every other folks are but to be jubilant that COVID-19 exists. “Some communities are but to be jubilant that COVID-19 even exists earlier than being vaccinated,” mentioned Almamy. 

He highlighted that mass sensitizations hold been foremost to raise awareness of COVID-19. “We need mass sensitizations and to encompass Islamic Supreme Council as we purchase the Imams below their umbrella,” added Almamy.

Almamy wants his complete household to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “If I acquire the likelihood, I will raise my 4 household members to acquire vaccinated,” mentioned Almamy.

WHO along with UNICEF is working with Ministry of Effectively being to make positive COVID-19 vaccines are provided in all 7 smartly being areas of The Gambia, and to portray on neighborhood participation by means of involvement of all local stakeholders.

Mbye Njai, Deputy manager for Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) at MoH mentioned other folks need to light be conscious guidance on COVID-19 prevention. “Earlier than, at some level of and after vaccination, other folks need to light be conscious guidance for COVID-19 protection. This involves sporting a facemask, retaining bodily distance and ensuring hand hygiene,” Mbaye Njai mentioned.

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