Armed Robbers Raid Mobile Money Store And Electrical Store At Kasoa

A part pf dark news readily accessible to has it that some armed robbers possess raided a mobile cash shop and an electrical shop at Kasoa Opeikuma.

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In preserving with reports, the mobile cash seller first attacked after the armed robbers walked into the shop below the pretext of withdrawing however pulled out their gun to threaten the seller, asking her to bring out all of the cash.

The seller knowledgeable Adom Recordsdata that she modified into as soon as shy by the attack and weapon pointed at her however she modified into as soon as feeling reluctant to give out her cash to the robbers.

She claimed that a hot slap wakened her to the downside and that she quietly gave out all of her cash, however the 2 had been annoyed that there modified into as soon as insufficient cash.

She acknowledged they later raided an electrical shop nearer to her and furthermore threatened the salesgirl there and furthermore made away with the cash.

In preserving with among the eyewitnesses within attain, they heard the screams of the girls and would possess desired to wait on them however the armed robbers gave a warning shot which deterred them from confronting them.

The police are yet to impress the armed robbers as they delivery investigation on the incident.

Residents of Kasoa are calling on the protection companies within the country to tighten the protection station of the neighborhood as crime is now on the upward thrust making Kasoa a aim of crime.


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