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A Nigerian integrity team has reacted to the different of Ghana for the African headquarters of Twitter, asserting that the pattern was no longer simplest a sad one but a outcomes of Nigeria’s integrity disaster across the globe.

The Integrity Chums for Truth and Peace Initiative (TIFPI) said, Nigeria has continued to lose primary investments to smaller, but steady countries, asserting the authorities must handle its myriads of challenges and manufacture the boldness of international traders.

A commentary by the Integrity Chums for Truth and Peace Initiative, which was signed by its Convener, Livingstone Uwechie on Wednesday, insisted that Nigeria’s checklist has been badly broken and desires to be addressed now.

“Our organisation views the achieve of Twitter proprietor Jack Dorsey as pointed and lawful.

“That is to the create that the different of Ghana as Twitter headquarters in Africa speaks negative volumes on the perception of the worldwide neighborhood on Nigeria, by manner of consular and Diplomatic kinfolk including international politics.

“It is a warning to the Nigerian insist to either handle its interior political, structural and constitutional disputations and faultlines which accept as true with severally and adversely broken its doubtless pattern in all ramifications.

Twitter on Tuesday in an announcement by Kayvon Beykpour and Uche Adegbite, Twitter’s Product Lead, and Director, Product Management, Global Markets, respectively, equipped Ghana because the most smartly-preferred different for Twitter headquarters in Africa.

Twitter said its decision was informed by Ghana’s “enhance without cost speech and on-line freedoms.”

“With out any controversy, Nigeria falls short of these Democratic virtues within the face of sinful governance and the agitation for restructuring which has now degenerated into the broad push for disintegration or breakup of the greatest dim insist which sorts itself because the broad of Africa, which claim has come below scrutiny.

“Yet the authorities continues to play rhetoric and threaten those that keep up a correspondence up on these disorders unnecessarily.

“The disorders within the Lower Niger, South-East states, North East, Center Belt and South West are details that watch us within the face and seek files from of urgent attention.

“The counsel to Nigeria nowadays is to withhold a long way flung from the temptation of justification or defence in distinction twitter rebuke, but look inwards in sense of right and wrong and genuinely to handle its concerns.

“The rising cases of institutional corruption, the witch hunt of different voices and attack and death of the human rights residence ought to perform a clarion name for either a brand original Nigeria or a Nigeria that can turn out to be historical previous.

“Global ranking and index as contained in international reviews are noteworthy of reference here.

“The good consequences would perhaps be the shortcoming of Nigeria’s map in global investment and financial enhance resulting from consular and Diplomatic blacklist if we create no longer bustle to create the needful. The ambiance is foremost if the financial system must thrive.”

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