Zimbabwe: Skirmishes At Magistrates Court docket Following Activist Sentencing

There bear been skirmishes at the Harare magistrates court docket this morning following the sentencing of human rights defender, Makomborero Haruzivishe as police dispersed of us at the side of fellow activists who had reach in harmony and journalists conducting their tasks.

A press briefing by the MDC-Alliance spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere become once disrupted by the police citing COVID-19 protocols of social distancing.

The fracas started when an unidentified woman within the crowd accused an anti-insurrection police officer of improperly touching her while he become once urging the crowd to disperse.

This infuriated activists who bear been in her presence, prompting them to ask justice for the woman.

The opposite police officers came to the rescue of the accused officer and whisked him to safety earlier than anti-insurrection officers ran amok, beating everyone at the scene.

263Chat journalist, Samuel Takawira become once beaten up by the police officers and sustained a hand damage as he filmed the skirmishes while one other journalist, Kovedzai Takawira become once additionally manhandled.

A magistrate court docket licensed hand worker, finest identified as Mavhunga, who become once additionally standing by the gate become once additionally assaulted.

The incident has once extra brought the police force’s remedy of human rights defenders into quiz.

Haruzivishe become once jailed for an effective 14 months after being convicted of inciting public violence and resisting arrest.

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