NFL draft: Jets procuring and selling Sam Darnold erases most mystery at No. 2 rob

The 49ers’ hopes of one thing queer going down forward of them in this year’s draft were dashed Monday when the Jets traded quarterback Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers.

Darnold’s departure from Unique York leaves the Jets with out a starting signal caller and cements what became speculated all alongside – they’re drafting a quarterback.

This became seemingly the case even though Darnold stayed, nevertheless his presence left some wiggle room for shenanigans at the 2nd rob. Presumably a crew blew the Jets away with a guideline to transfer up forward of the 49ers, and even they’ll also draft a non-quarterback to come to a decision on out a evaluate at and enhance the roster around Darnold. Those scenario were long photos, nevertheless they were on the table as long as Darnold became around.

As an replacement, Unique York opted to head away absolute self perception. They despatched Darnold to the Carolina Panthers in alternate for a trio of draft picks. They’ll draft a quarterback after the Jaguars rob Trevor Lawrence, and the 49ers will like their series of three quarterbacks.

There’s aloof some uncertainty at No. 2 though that can also throw a wrench into the tip of the draft. BYU QB Zach Wilson is widely anticipated to head No. 2 overall. If the Jets pass on him, there’ll be some chaos either at No. 3 or after. While quite a bit of the uncertainty is long past, barely enough remains that the 2nd rob will aloof near with some intrigue for the 49ers.

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