Nigeria: Police Verify Assault On Its Imo Headquarters, Penal advanced, Blame Ipob

The assault on the police headquarters turn into accomplished by the identical armed neighborhood who additionally attacked a correctional facility in Owerri and freed over 1,800 inmates.

The Nigeria Police Power has confirmed that its Imo headquarters in Owerri, the mutter capital, turn into attacked by armed males.

No police officer turn into killed in the assault nonetheless one sustained bullet break, police spokesperson Frank Mba acknowledged in a issue Monday afternoon.

The assault on the police headquarters turn into accomplished by the identical armed neighborhood who additionally attacked a correctional facility in Owerri and freed over 1,800 inmates.

The police agree with now acknowledged they deem the assault turn into accomplished by people of the outlawed Indigenous folks of Biafra (IPOB) and its safety community, ESN.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how, in a separate issue, the Nigeria Correctional Provider acknowledged the assault on its facility turn into accomplished by ‘unknown gunmen.’

“The attackers who stormed the flexibility at about 0215hrs on Monday fifth April, 2021, acquired entrance into the yard by using explosives to blast the manager block,” Francis Enobore, the spokesperson of the correctional service acknowledged in a Monday issue.

In his issue, Mr Mba acknowledged the police agree with recovered one in every of the operational vehicles ragged by the attackers.

He acknowledged the Inspector Standard of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has ordered the Imo Deliver Commissioner of Police to fish out people of IPOB and ESN.

Read the elephantine police issue below.



– Directs CP Imo and the Particular Investigation Personnel to Fish-Out and Express Perpetrators to Book

The Inspector-Standard of Police, IGP M.A Adamu, NPM, mni has ordered the instantaneous deployment of extra objects of Police Cell Power (PMF) and other Police Tactical Squads to Imo Deliver to present a decide to safety in the Deliver and forestall extra assaults on safety formations or some other excessive nationwide infrastructure in the Deliver. The IGP gave the directives following the assault on safety operatives and formations including the Imo Deliver Police Interpret Headquarters and the Headquarters of the Nigerian Correctional Services (NCS) in Owerri in the early hours of this day, Monday, fifth April, 2021.

Preliminary investigations agree with published that the attackers, who came of their numbers with sophisticated weapons akin to Standard Cause Machine Weapons (GPMGs), Sub-Machine Weapons (SMGs), AK49 rifles, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), are people of the proscribed Indigenous Of us of Biafra (IPOB)/Japanese Safety Community (ESN). The strive by the attackers to compose access to the Police armoury at the Headquarters turn into utterly and as it is going to be resisted by Police operatives on responsibility who repelled the attackers and averted them from breaking-in and looting the armoury. The armoury is thus intact! Similarly, the police suffered no human casualty, besides a police Constable who sustained a minor bullet break on his shoulder.

Within the intervening time, one in every of the operational vehicles of the attackers has been recovered by the Police and is currently being subjected to forensic scrutiny and investigations.

The IGP, who condemned the assault on the safety outfits, has extra directed the Commissioner of Police, Imo Deliver Interpret and a modern Particular Investigation Personnel (namely situation as a lot as handle cases of incessant assaults on safety formation/operatives in the draw), to achieve holistic investigations into the incident with a glimpse to fishing-out the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. The CP is to harness the safety reinforcement squads and other operational resources at his disposal to expend the battle to the door-steps of the attackers and forestall any extra assault wherever right throughout the Deliver and its environs.

The IGP, who described the deliberate and prison assault on safety operatives as an assault on the soul of our nation, has enjoined leaders in Imo Deliver, the South-East and other aspects of the nation to discuss out against the unfolding violence and criminal activity. The IGP calls on citizens to avail the Police and other safety agencies with important knowledge that could well support in figuring out and entertaining the criminals. He vowed that the perpetrators will doubtless be dropped at book, noting that the Power is doing all internal its powers to curb the actions of unscrupulous aspects hell-bent on threatening the team spirit, safety, safety and socio-ecomomic wellbeing of Nigerians.





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