WHO Nigeria arms over the Neatly being Personnel Registery to the Federal Ministry of Neatly being

Abuja, March 22 2021 – “I’d comprise to relish the collaboration and commitment of the Division of Neatly being Planning, Be taught and Statistics of the Federal Ministry of Neatly being over time in direction of the enchancment of the Nationwide Neatly being Personnel Registry”, said Dr Kofi Boateng who represented WHO Nigeria nation E book one day of the technical handing over of the Neatly being Personnel Registry to the Federal Ministry of Neatly being (FMoH) on March 19 2021.

He extra thanked the Authorities of Canada through Global Affairs Canada who funded the enchancment of the prototype of the Nationwide Neatly being Personnel Registry (NHWR) and its piloting in Bauchi and Inappropriate River States. This used to be accomplished below the Making improvements to the Skill of Frontline Neatly being Workers to Give a pick to Neatly being venture accomplished by WHO Nigeria.

 Subsequently, WHO furthermore supported the expansion of the registry to Anambra and Sokoto States with funding from the European Union; Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Abia, Osun, Niger and Edo with funding from the Authorities of Japan and WHO. To withhold the operations of the Registry, WHO supported the enchancment of some guidance documents  (NHWR Operational Pointers, Stylish Operation Way, Primary User E book, Evolved User E book, Distress Restoration Understanding, and Implementation Records). 

The Implementation manual, Stylish Operation Way, and Primary User E book had been compiled into the E book of the Nationwide Neatly being Personnel Registry and launched by the Minister of Neatly being,  Dr Osagie Ehanire, on 03 March 2020. The HRH branch of the FMoH and ICT focal facets had been furthermore trained on the following tips about thrice (07 to 09 August 2019, 09 to 11 October 2019, and 27 August 2020) with mentoring give a pick to being ongoing.

The WHO’s give a pick to used to be timely, as the FMoH has been for a while, engaged on obtaining magnificent data on the present neatly being team in the nation to be in a situation to facilitate human resource for neatly being planning and thereby bring efficient, effective and quality neatly being products and services to its residents. In step with Dr Sunny Okoroafor, WHO HRH focal point, “the enchancment of the Registry commenced in 2013 with out out of the ordinary success consequently of various causes however this day, now we hang a platform to variety on with WHO supporting the co-advent of the prototype and a E book of the Nationwide Neatly being Personnel Registry to assemble definite is performance and sustainability.” 

“Consequent upon our unravel to ensure that Nigeria locations in blueprint an extensive and purposeful Nationwide Neatly being Personnel Registry (NHWR), the Be conscious Neatly being Group (WHO) with funding equipped by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) supported the Ministry to originate the Nationwide Neatly being Personnel Registry platform, a platform created to accommodate neatly being team data from the total 36 States of the Federation plus the FCT, including data from the Public and Non-public sectors as said in the Operational Tenet and Stylish Running Way (2015) documents below the relevant submitting entities” says Dr Ngozi Azodoh, Director Neatly being Planning, Be taught and Statistics.

For the time being, the registry comprises neatly being team data for 11 states. thus, there is a necessity for the FMoH and companions to provide a pick to the scaling up of the registry to duvet the finest states in the nation as neatly as the Federal Departments, Agencies and Parastatals, and the private sector. For the time being, the FMoH is coordinating the inclusion of other States by varied constructing companions in accordance with the guidance documents and with the technical give a pick to of WHO.

Technical Contact:

Dr Kofi Boateng; Email: boatengko [at] who.int; Tel: +234 706 449 1772


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