Tanzania: Outpouring of Concern As Tanzanians Open Paying Final Respects to Magufuli

Dar es Salaam — There became outpouring of grief this morning at St Peter Catholic church, Oyesterbay Dar es Salaam as the body of President John Magufuli became brought for a requiem mass.

Magufuli’s body became taken from Lugalo Health center to the church the put many people seemed weeped and others would possibly perhaps perhaps perchance perchance now not serve watch over feelings by mourned loudly.

Thousands of Tanzanians lined up the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Avenue and the Rashi Kawawa Avenue to transfer searching the motorcade carrying the fallen President’s casket as it drove to the Uhuru Stadium.

Many waved tree branches calling out the title of the behind President; others held plant life whereas at spherical Kigogo ladies lay their kangas on the road as symbol of appreciate.

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