| OPINION | Mogoeng apology: Criticising Israel is no longer anti-Christian

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng needs to ticket that criticising Israel for its human rights violations is no longer anti-Christian, writes Roshan Dadoo.

In a predominant victory for the Palestine solidarity motion, the Judicial Behavior Committee (JCC) has instantaneous Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng to lift statements that he made on Israel’s occupation of Palestine, and apologise unconditionally to the South African BDS Coalition and two other pro-Palestine groups that had submitted complaints to the JCC.

The complaints centred on the statements that the Chief Justice made at some level of a webinar hosted by the accurate-wing Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post,  in June preferrred yr. Mogoeng headlined the occasion, alongside with South Africa’s Chief Rabbi, Warren Goldstein, and the discussion became marketed below the theme “Two Chiefs, One Mission”.

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The timing of the occasion became no longer coincidental. The webinar became held a day sooner than South Africa became situation to take its objections to Israel’s deliberate annexation of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley at the UN Security Council.

For the length of the webinar, Mogoeng talked about: “I’m below an obligation as a Christian to fancy Israel, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which in point of fact way the peace of Israel. And I cannot, as a Christian, attain anything as a replace of take care of and pray for Israel because I do know hatred for Israel, by me and my nation, can finest attract phenomenal curses upon our nation.”

Zionist legend

Mogoeng became declaring a Christian Zionist legend, where the political notify of Israel that is currently occupying Palestine is considered Biblical Israel. Any individual praying for Israel will receive God’s blessings and prosperity. 

Any criticism of Israel for its occupation and human rights violations against Palestinians is considered criticising God’s Will, which is ready to incur God’s wrath. With South Africa being one among Israel’s most vocal critics, Mogoeng became suggesting that the government’s location on Israel’s occupation of Palestine would “attract phenomenal curses upon our nation”.

Justice Mojapelo of the JCC agreed with us that the Chief Justice knowingly criticised the government’s location on Palestine. 

Feedback referring to the diplomatic relationship between South Africa and Israel, which became “clearly political territory”, breached the requirement in the Judicial Service Commission Act of Judges to no longer glean “occupied with any political controversy or divulge”. 

“Whether we fancy it or no longer, the Chief Justice is no longer fancy any other citizen of South Africa. He is the head of the judiciary and is subject to the restraints of that office, collectively with the moral principles which govern the conduct of every and each have. He is subject to those restraints of his office in his legitimate and deepest capability,” clarified Mojapelo in his comprehensive verdict.

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The JCC were further aggravated by Mogoeng’s brazen defiance in the weeks following the webinar.

“I will be capable to even fair no longer ever, even supposing 50 million folks can march daily for the following 10 years, for me to lift or apologise for what I remark, I could no longer attain it,” he declared at a prayer meeting on 4 July. The JCC took umbrage at this rebuff to the processes of judicial stare-overview and constitutionality that underpin our accurate machine.

In December, the Chief Justice challenged and undermined one more government location. Sounding very primary fancy the reactionary “anti-vax” foyer in the US, he declared that “if there be any (Covid-19) vaccine that is the work of the devil supposed to infuse 666 in the lives of the oldsters, supposed to corrupt their DNA… can even fair it be destroyed by fire”.

In doing so, Mogoeng became dangerously contradicting clinical science and the government’s location on vaccines.

There can even fair additionally be no question that Mogoeng Mogoeng is using his platform as the Chief Justice to promulgate harmful and extremist views. That he does so in the establish of Christianity is coarse. 

Christians at some level of the realm and right here in South Africa equivalent to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Reverend Frank Chikane and Reverend Moss Nthla stand company of their crimson meat up for the Palestinian folks of their fight against Israel. 

Persona assassination marketing campaign 

Frank Chikane became at this time subject to a brutal personality assassination marketing campaign for his pro-Palestinian views. In response, Chikane talked about: “What’s troubling for me is that there are discriminatory rules in the occupied territories which can perhaps perhaps be equivalent to and even worse than what now we secure experienced in South Africa at some level of the racist apartheid machine. They’re clearly morally unacceptable and reprehensible. For me it is the worst kind of apartheid in a single more establish or and not using a establish.”  

Mogoeng Mogoeng doesn’t wish to be publicly humiliated. As a replacement he needs to be knowledgeable that expressions of Palestine solidarity, or criticising Israel’s human rights violations against the Palestinian folks, are no longer anti-Christian. Christian values can even fair aloof no longer be conflated with crimson meat up for Israel.

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The anti-colonial nature of the Palestinian reason and liberation fight can’t be eliminated from discussions on Palestine-Israel in South Africa, and talked about finest inner Biblical and non secular parameters. As Tutu, Chikane and even Nthla from the Evangelical Alliance secure confirmed, our grasp decolonisation and liberation historical previous can’t be separated from the anti-colonial fight and resistance of the Palestinians. The SA BDS Coalition would welcome the opportunity to spend with the Chief Justice on these points.

South African church buildings secure, historically, been primary more than accurate non secular spaces, and secure performed primary feature in the processes of liberation, decolonisation, democratisation and justice.

Alternatively, messages fancy Mogoeng’s –  and additionally those rising from the pulpits of Christian Zionist church buildings at the novel time, is one among injustice when it involves the quiz Palestine. The Bible can’t be susceptible to present an explanation for Israel’s occupation.

Alternatively, can even fair aloof the Chief Justice refuse to appreciate the JCC by issuing an apology, we would welcome the JCC activity persevering with thru a tribunal and in the ruin a vote of dismissal from the National Assembly. 

Despite the incontrovertible fact that Mogoeng Mogoeng’s term of office is because of trot out, as with the impeachment motion against dilapidated President Trump, the dismissal of the CJ would abet to uphold the legitimacy of the judiciary below our Structure. 

It would send a stable signal internationally that South Africa would possibly perhaps well no longer be bullied into submission on the quiz Palestine and that we stand company against racism, colonialism and apartheid perpetrated by the Israeli notify. 

– Roshan Dadoo is the convener of the South African BDS Coalition. Catch them on Twitter: @sabdscoalition.

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