Opera’s Q4 results claim OPay processed $2 billion in transactions in December 2020

For merchants, Opera’s Q4 results are a step in the true route because the company continues with expansion plans

Opera, the software company that owns the broadly-outmoded Opera browser and yelp platform, Opera Data, has launched its results for the fourth quarter of 2020. The corporate posted real results for the quarter with $50.4 million in income.

That’s an lengthen of 19% from Q3 when its income turned into $42.4 million. Most of this state turned into pushed by its search and marketing trade which brought in a income of $48.9m. 

It has been able to monetize its platform some distance more as a result of it is rising its users at a breakneck budge – Opera says it added 29 million users in 2020. 

It launched Opera GX, a browser which it says it built specifically with gaming in thoughts. It has proved well-liked with gamers with over 7 million users. This variety of attain means it’ll payment advertisers more, as that income spin is up from $19m in Q3 to $23m in Q4. 

Whereas its present earnings streams are impressive, the company could be along side new income streams with consuming new merchandise and functions. A mode of is a digital wallet known as Dify.

Opera’s Dify is an integrated digital wallet

In step with Ling Son, Opera’s Co-CEO, “We’ve true announced the originate of Dify. It’s a new digital wallet that can entirely combine into our browser.” “What this implies is that on-line browsing is about to turn out to be a lot more handy for Opera browser users” 

Opera's Q4 results show that the company is on a growth path
Opera’s Q4 results

Opera will push adoption for this product by providing cash abet incentives to users who store from the 300 merchants which would be already portion of the program. On-line payments can usually occupy a layer of complexity as a result of required security features, but an integrated wallet could perhaps perhaps, in realizing, be more uncomplicated to exhaust. 

Opera believes Dify is a “foremost” product; and in line with the numbers it experiences for Opera files, Dify already has a nice pool of users.

Opera Data expansion plans 

Opera Data is mammoth in Africa and the company says that the continent contributes a enormous chunk to its estimated 200 million users in rising markets. On the head of 2020, Opera files expanded to more “developed” markets. 

Whereas the company has no longer shared the numbers, it says that “the early results had been promising.” In step with Lin Tune,  “we’re getting correct now well-positioned to scale. Whereas there could be meaningful upfront and marketing prices and in our user acquisition, we are able to expand our ecosystem in developed markets with a bigger and winning yelp trade and with a necessary doable impact on our income state this yr.”

Whereas we are able to most productive speculate on how many users Opera can get with this expansion, one thing we know no doubt is that its investment in the fintech startup, OPay, is calling promising. The corporate’s Chief Financial Officer, Frode Jacobsen, acknowledged in the earnings name: “OPay’s income is increasing pretty rapidly while the company is fascinating to enact profits correct spherical breakeven despite the state. We ask this state to continue as OPay continues to scale in Nigeria and expands to an extra nation in Africa.

Opera’s Q4 results and OPay’s transaction volume

Opera owns 13.1% of the fintech startup, OPay and as such, it experiences on that investment in its earnings characterize. In step with that characterize, “Diverse items of point to consist of…$8 million lengthen in the e-book cost of our desire shares in Starmaker and OPay.”

It also says that OPay continues to develop at a huge scale. In Q3 2020, we reported Opera’s claim that OPay processed a rotten transaction cost of $1.4 billion in the month of October. As we acknowledged in that characterize, there’s not any longer one of these thing as a impartial means to verify these numbers. 

On the other hand, in line with market share experiences TechCabal saw from NIBSS, OPay’s market share is spherical 70%. It’s some distance crucial to articulate that these NIBSS figures are also no longer a mode to verify OPay’s transaction cost.

If the figures from October raised some eyebrows, then the December figures are some distance more improbable. OPay says it processed a rotten transaction cost of $2 billion in December on my own, a 43% jump in two months. 

With its expansion to one other African nation and the risk of more clients, it’ll be more consuming to watch what its reported numbers could be by the head of Q1 2021.

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