Lady charged in Capitol riot says Proud Boys recruited her

BELLE PLAINE, Kan. — An Arizona girl charged in connection with the Jan. 6 onslaught of the U.S. Capitol bragged in a Snapchat video that she used to be only in the near past recruited by a Kansas City chapter of the Proud Boys, a neofascist group that describes itself as “Western chauvinists” and has long forbidden female contributors.

Felicia Konold’s dispute that the chapter recruited her and she used to be “with them now,” even supposing she’s no longer from the Kansas City web page, has intrigued consultants who look extremist factual-wing movements.

“It is some distance ironic that this form of deeply misogynistic group has attracted anyone who’s a lady to affix their group,” mentioned Eric Ward, a senior fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center. “It tells us there could be dissention in the ranks of Proud Boys factual now.”

Particulars of the video surfaced remaining week in a probable cause affidavit against Konold, 26, of Tucson, who’s charged with conspiracy, civil disorder and other federal charges stemming from the melee.

Konold sounded practically euphoric in the Snapchat video she posted after the Capitol assault, announcing she by no manner could well have imagined having such an impact on the occasions that unfolded that day. She laughingly references “all my boys, at the inspire of me, maintaining me up in the air, pushing inspire. We (expletive) did it!”

In picture to reputedly repeat her level that she had factual been “recruited correct into a (expletive) chapter from Kansas City,” she displayed on the video a two-sided “field coin” that looks to be to have markings that designate it as belonging to the Kansas City Proud Boys.

The topic coin denotes membership, something that looks to slouch against the rhetoric about ladies people from the group’s nationwide management, Ward mentioned.

“The fact she has that coin, the sector coin, tells me there could be something going down round gender in the Proud Boys — and it is miles something worth being attentive to,” mentioned Ward, who’s also the manager director of the Western States Center, a civil rights advocacy neighborhood that works to advance gender fairness.

Specialists who discover factual-wing extremist groups repeat the controversy that erupted when gentle blended martial arts fighter Tara LaRosa tried in December to save a Proud Girls offshoot on the social media app Telegram.

The Proud Boys’ social media channels speedy spoke back, calling auxiliary groups such as Proud Boy’s Girls or Proud Girls “ridiculous solutions.” “Don’t slouch our coattails,” one put up read. “Wish to make stronger us? Acquire married, have infants, and steal care of your loved ones.”

Alex DiBranco, executive director of the Institute for Be taught on Male Supremacism, mentioned there are differences among Proud Boys chapters over whether or no longer to embrace ladies people as Proud Girls, even because the neighborhood as a whole has change into extra adverse to ladies people’s auxiliaries lately. Mothers of Proud Boys have posted about Proud Boys gatherings they hosted for their sons.

However DiBranco mentioned the folks in her neighborhood who’ve worked on this topic are nonetheless unaware of a predicament where a lady used to be if truth be told recruited to be a member of a Proud Boys’ chapter itself, which is strictly against the Proud Boys solutions.

Cassie Miller, a senior research analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center, mentioned that for a period of time there had been auxiliary groups of Proud Boys’ Girls made up of the wives and girlfriends of contributors, but they had been no longer allowed full membership inside of the neighborhood. She mentioned as some distance as she knows, none of these auxiliary groups are active factual now.

“The neighborhood has been very definite from the initiating it is miles an group for males most interesting and so they take misogynistic believes and think that ladies people are simplest suited to domestic labor and can act as mothers and homemakers,” Miller mentioned.

Prosecutors assert in a court docket submitting that William Chrestman, who they described because the chief of Kansas City Proud Boys cell, “readily recruited” Felicia Konold and her brother, Cory Konold, from Arizona to affix the neighborhood of Kansas City Proud Boys.

Neither her protection prison professional nor her father straight away spoke back to messages Tuesday seeking disclose.

The Proud Boys had been known to incite avenue violence with counter-protesters. The neighborhood obtained fashionable attention correct thru a presidential debate in September when then-President Donald Trump famously suggested them to “stand inspire and stand by.”

Prosecutors assert that that initiating in December, the Proud Boys inspired its contributors to lend a hand the Jan. 6 demonstration in Washington, D.C. A broad neighborhood of them, at the side of Felicia Konold and other contributors of its Kansas City cell, used to be captured on video marching collectively and later entering the U.S. Capitol.

While there had been hundreds of white ladies people at the Jan. 6 protests, white supremacists groups have a tendency to be dominated by white males, DiBranco mentioned. Groups appreciate QAnon have a tendency to be successfully liked by ladies people, but Proud Boys supporters and QAnon supporters arrive collectively at these forms of protests. The anti-vaxxer circulation against vaccinations is dominated by ladies people.

“Those lockdown protests uncovered their contributors to those parts of a miles-factual coalition that these ladies people will no longer in any other case be a portion of,” DiBranco mentioned. “Girls people will also have moved from anti-vaxxer into QAnon and other forms of conspiracies.”

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