| FULL STATEMENT | Zuma responds to Zondo: ‘No amount of intimidation or blackmail will exchange my field’

Now that interestingly my role in the Commission [Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture] has formulation to an dwell, I wait to face the sentence to be issued by the Constitutional Court docket, writes Jacob Zuma 

On 1 February 2021 I issued an announcement wherein I location out my field and perspective in direction of what I in most cases known as an out of the ordinary option of the Constitutional Court docket, which successfully stripped me off my constitutional good as a citizen and created, as some of our courts had been doing to me, jurisprudence that most efficient applies to Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

I took this extra-frequent step no longer to undermine the Constitution but to vindicate it, in the face of what I see as a pair of in the judiciary that bask in long left their constitutional put to affix political battles.

I took it after my commentary that there are some relating to dispositions slowly manifesting in the judicial blueprint that we must all pain. It’s my political stance and mine by myself.

On the present time, unprovoked, Deputy Chief Justice Zondo made up our minds to propagate some political propaganda against me. In my absence he and Pretorius SC made up our minds on what they’ve constantly sought to manufacture, flip the general narratives against me into evidence.

In his long-ready speech, Pretorius SC equipped what Deputy Chief Justice Zondo actually called evidence against me.

Realising that that they had forfeited the exchange to recent the evidence to me, they did what has become their hallmark on the Commission in making submissions to 1 yet every other and taking half in politics to steer public idea.

That Deputy Chief Justice Zondo may presumably well per chance lie to to the nation is something that must disaster us all. In justifying his field earlier, he talked about that it was as soon as my factual team that talked about I would approach and exercise my good to silence.

Of us that know the reality will know that when my factual team made this reference, it was as soon as in the context of an example and advice of how a extra accountable manner forward is doubtless to be stumbled on.

His conduct this present day fortifies my unravel and belief that he has constantly sought to prejudice me. In what gave the impression admire Pretorius SC’s closing argument, it appeared that the script thereof was as soon as already written for the document of the Commission. In his associated outdated manner, he smuggled original allegations about me that were clearly intended to ambush me.

He has prejudiced my younger individuals, my family as he equipped his version that he constantly sought to field in Commission’s document.

The Deputy Chief Justice concluded by pronouncing my contempt constitute grounds for him to manner to the Constitutional Court docket to leer a sentence.

Undoubtedly he’s going to gain it. I’m no longer clear that ordinarily that’s how contempt lawsuits would inaugurate, but I in actuality bask in popular that Deputy Chief Justice Zondo and due assignment and the law are estranged.

Now that interestingly my role in the Commission has formulation to an dwell, I wait to face the sentence to be issued by the Constitutional Court docket.

Accordingly, I stand by my bid of 1 February 2021 and no amount of intimidation or blackmail will exchange my field as I firmly take note that we must by no way allow for the institution of a judiciary wherein justice, fairness and due assignment are discretionary and are exclusively preserved for clear litigants and no longer others.

Many in our society bask in watched this blueprint of judicial abuse but have to spy the exchange course merely thanks to their antipathy in direction of me. They have to lay the blame at my doorstep and fail to confront head-on the judicial disaster that’s unfolding in our country.

The Zondo Commission has this present day again confirmed how it’s miles wanting the attributes needed to conduct an self reliant, gentle and just investigation or hearings that maintain me or that contradict their script on train employ.

Glean Zondo has this present day again displayed questionable judicial integrity, independence and inaugurate-mindedness required in an investigation of this magnitude.

Upon being told by my factual team in inaugurate lawsuits that it would had been extra prudent to bask in extra than one person preside over a fee of this nature, Glean Zondo answered that he may presumably well per chance no longer manufacture this since he risked a dissenting yelp when the document is written.

What have says this as a motive and justification no longer to be assisted in the kind of enormous assignment?

What form of society accepts such an evidence from a Deputy Chief Justice who sits in the apex court with ten other judges in inform to counterpoint, every so in most cases by dissent, the quality of judgments?

What society appears to be the exchange course when a have adjudicates a topic keen his bask in disputed info? What judicial blueprint tolerates a have admitting that he hid a fact in his bid touching on as to if or no longer he had ever met with me at some level of my tenure as President?

I invite all of oldsters who care to spy closely at my replying affidavit in the recusal application besides to the Deputy Chief Justice’s delayed admission that his bid had no longer been correct.

Certainly, as this admission stared us in the face, all regarded the exchange course of their consistent attempts to cloak or downplay the glaring errors of the Chairperson of the Commission.

Though my bid was as soon as a response to the judgment of the Constitutional Court docket, my reservations about the Commission and its lawfulness are smartly recorded. I stand by my reservations and that the Commission was as soon as conceptualised as share of the promoting campaign and subsidized multi-sectoral collaboration to steal me from office.

Faced with this glaring unlawful appointment of the Commission, the Chief Justice counseled it.

Later, and indeed unsurprisingly, Glean President Mlambo additionally counseled this out of the ordinary breach of the precept of separation of powers between the manager and the judiciary. No topic how long we shriek it or ignore it, the illegality of that approach to allocate to the judiciary a constitutional characteristic of the President will stubbornly see us in the face.

The Commission approached the Constitutional Court docket in total dismiss of the reality that I was as soon as taking its ruling on the recusal application on review. This calculated stratagem was as soon as to frustrate my possibilities of even strong their subpoenas in our courts.

The Commission clearly ran to leer a licence to act with impunity. I easy persist that there was as soon as no foundation or dispute necessitating the Commission to manner the Constitutional Court docket and that there was as soon as no appropriate foundation for presumption that I would defy the subpoena. I in actuality bask in already equipped myself to the Commission on two events when called upon to manufacture so.

Fed with absolute lies, the Constitutional Court docket assumed that I or my factual team had threatened that I would defy or refuse to acknowledge. You most efficient must spy the facts of the date of the recusal application to take dangle of that my factual team was as soon as at agonize to counsel a accountable manner forward.

The submission by the Commission that a probability was as soon as made that I would defy or refuse to acknowledge is a blatant falsehood fabricated on behalf of the Commission and entertained by the judges of the Constitutional Court docket.

My lawyers, as a courtesy, told the Constitutional Court docket that I would no longer take dangle of half in the lawsuits. The judges of the Constitutional Court docket concluded that my election no longer to fracture their time deserves a impress inform against me.

It has become general field for some of our courts to gain these prices orders against me in inform to diminish my constitutional good to manner courts.

It was as soon as submitted on behalf of the Commission, something it appear to had been popular by the Constitutional Court docket that; I’m “accused No 1” on the Commission. Labelling me on this style is deeply offensive to me but is additionally particular evidence that the Commission treats me as an accused, no longer a see.

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— News24 (@News24) February 15, 2021

The Constitutional Court docket went additional, accepting as a fact, the Commission’s submissions that I had a constitutional responsibility to legend to it (for the wrongdoing). I in actuality bask in followed the evidence of many witnesses on the Commission, alongside side those alleged to bask in implicated me and elected that none of them had any case of substance against me.

On the exchange hand, the Commission sought to say me the least bit prices and on this endeavour is ready to interrupt every rule of justice and fairness.

It’s that form of judicial conduct that I yelp against, no longer our law or our Constitution. It’s no longer the authority of the Constitutional Court docket that I reject, but its abuse by a pair of judges. It’s no longer our law that I defy, but a pair of lawless judges who bask in left their constitutional post for political expediency. I respect the law and bask in subjected myself even to its abuse for the past 20 years.

I in actuality bask in equipped myself to the Zondo Commission twice and which skill that of this fact the was as soon as no appropriate justification for the inform given by the Constitutional Court docket. None whatsoever.

I yelp against those in the judiciary that bask in become an extension of political forces that leer to extinguish and management our country. I leer no particular medicine from the judiciary.

I ask them to dwell gentle most efficient to their oath of office and their responsibility to treat everyone as equal earlier than the law. I manufacture no longer ask them or any of them otherwise you to invent any affection for me.

I most efficient leer to vindicate what we fought for so that even when society is in turmoil, because it would as soon as in a whereas, we can bask in a judiciary that refuses to affix the lynching mobs.

Because it has become general field in our country in cases that expose to me, my bid has been met with the bigotry that has become the hallmark of our subsidized idea makers.

As a exchange of pausing to mediate whether or no longer the so-called constitutional disaster may presumably well per chance be emerging from the conduct of some of our courts themselves, the controversy has been performed in the frequent binary, simplistic and biased terms, searching for to shield what I regard as a pair of in the judiciary that bask in forsaken their oath of office to “…uphold and supply protection to the Constitution and the human rights entrenched in it, and must administers justice to all individuals alike without pain, favour or prejudice, in accordance to the Constitution and the law.”

I manufacture so no longer to undermine the Constitution or the law, but to specific my bask in yelp about those in the judiciary that bask in was their support on their elementary assignment in society. I take dangle of this stance due to I have confidence about that judges must by no way become agents of ruling classes in society.

So, I take dangle of this stance no longer due to I refuse to settle for that my Presidency admire every other was as soon as no longer ideal, but due to we proceed to allow some in the judiciary to gain jurisprudence and factual inconsistencies that most efficient observe to me.

To this level, nothing has been talked about about Glean President Mlambo’s contradictory rulings on the powers and treatments of the Space of work of the Public Protector, no longer due to none can gaze the contradictions, but due to they care much less about the Constitution than they manufacture about seeing me lynched and punished.

None can divulge no longer to gaze that the scorching judgment of the Constitutional Court docket is a travesty of justice. That we settle for a judgment based totally on mere conjecture and speculation about my future conduct is a betrayal of the Constitution that many refuse to confront as they scapegoat me for every illness in society.

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The debate has tended to focus on me, with many suggesting that I regard myself as above the law or that I manufacture no longer recognise our Constitution and our law. They know besides to I manufacture, that’s no longer the case.

Some bask in argued that if I manufacture no longer appear earlier than the Zondo Commission I must be jailed or stripped of presidential advantages or pension.

Effectively, for the file, I’m the person who fast that I manufacture no longer mind defending myself against the sanction that accompanies my principled stance. Secondly, it would naturally please them that, must I fail to defend myself earlier than the associated contempt forum, I may face jail term.

The advice that I may presumably well per chance be enticed with pension and advantages to abandon my principled stance against what I gaze as bias by a pair of in the judiciary, can most efficient approach from of us that take note that money can need the total lot.

After I joined the ANC and fought for democracy, I did not manufacture so for money and advantages. This, to me, is a distant places tendency to a pair of us who had been freedom fighters.

I’m grateful alternatively, to many comrades, who bask in sought to listen to my side of the story and bask in understood my frustration. I’m grateful for his or her strengthen and their braveness to stand with me as adverse to to soothe, at my expense, individuals who leer to manipulate our economy, judiciary and our country.

Some in our so-called intelligentsia bask in become blinded by their prejudice in direction of me, they agree that the court my take dangle of away my good to dwell restful, yet they fail to recognise that the Zondo Commission has already extended this good to no longer no longer as a lot as three witnesses that appeared earlier than it. Where is the consistency on this form?

I seek recordsdata from no extra than justice, fairness and impartiality, all of which would per chance presumably well per chance be attributes we wouldn’t must remind some of our judges to bask in. They promised the country they possessed these attributes the day they utilized for judicial office and took their oath of office. We wouldn’t must remind some of them of this.

If we paused, on the least that involves me, and asked whether or no longer quite a lot of the decisions taken, and attitudes adopted are no longer merely pushed by the antipathy in direction of me. What legacy are some of our judges leaving for future generations?

When Glean President Mlambo can flip flop on the associated precept merely to punish me, what roughly judges manufacture we’ve? What justice are we serving and what law will be followed after I’m long gone.

I do know that as yet every other of confronting these questions I’m elevating, many will resort to sarcasm, and leer a response that blames me. In any tournament, that’s what has led us to this level. The failure to gaze our law past one individual we leer to punish.

We take a seat with some judges who bask in assisted the incumbent President to veil from society what on the face of it appear to be bribes bought in inform to need an internal ANC election. We take a seat with some judges who sealed those data just due to such data may presumably well per chance show cloak that some of them, whereas presiding in our courts, bask in had their palms crammed with the proverbial devices of silver.

I repeat, it’s no longer the law against which I yelp, as I refuse to enviornment myself to Zondo Commission. I yelp against our dusky, purple and inexperienced robes, dressing up some individuals that bask in long betrayed the Constitution and their oath of office.

It’s individuals who allow it and spy the exchange course that must manufacture some reflection. You manufacture no longer must admire me to manufacture this reflection. It is a option we must gain which skill that country and our law will and must outlive Jacob Zuma.

Ultimately, I restate that my bid just isn’t any breach of the law. It is a yelp against some in the judiciary that bask in sold their souls and departed from their oath of office. It’s my respect for the law that obliges me to reject the abuse of law and judicial office for political capabilities. The law I respect, its abuse I may no longer.

I restate that my review of the recusal ruling stays undetermined and right here’s share of my reservation about presenting myself to the very presiding officer whose option I’m taking on review. I in actuality don’t bask in any query that I may lose it admire many other cases. Be that because it could presumably well per chance, I’m entitled to bask in it obvious or no longer no longer as a lot as recognised.

Ordinarily I must bask in the religion to manner the Chairperson of the Commission or our courts to leer whatever solve would have the lawsuits except my review is made up our minds.

On the exchange hand, the antipathy of one of the most courts and the Commission in direction of me has made it futile for me to exercise my constitutionally assured gain entry to to courts. No longer most efficient will I be pushed apart, but I may additionally be punished with punitive prices for imminent the courts.

I’m in the formulation of revising all matters I in actuality bask in earlier than our courts, excluding the prison topic, because it has become particular to me that I may by no way gain justice earlier than one of the latest slash of our judges of their quest to raise discontinuance their palms to leer political acceptance at my expense.

I in actuality bask in observed in hearings how some of our judges bask in directed their antipathy in direction of my counsel in hearings and am grateful that my factual team, below attempting out circumstances bask in saved their authentic composure.

I’m conscious that that our judiciary and magistracy bask in a option of girls and men folk of integrity, many of whom are shunned when matters are distributed. I respect them and must no longer be understood no longer to glimpse them or that I’m tainting all of them with the associated brush.

Sadly, many of them, for his or her refusal to be share of the syndicate or to forsake their oath of office, they’re going to by no way be distributed matters wherein pre-obvious outcomes are demanded. I respect our residents and our law.

History will soon show cloak that it’s miles most efficient some in our courts which had been captured to reduction political ends and to undermine the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. I may no longer be half of oldsters who leer to manufacture this.

As you sharpen your pens to sentence me, I reiterate that I stand by my earlier bid and must no longer appear earlier than a assignment that’s no longer just. I stand by the option no longer to forsake the law and our Constitution.

I’ve to yelp in inform to restore our constitutionally enshrined precept of an self reliant judiciary.

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