| 2020 matric exam leaks: File finds no fashionable leak, integrity of checks not compromised

Fumigation takes place in a classroom in preparation of the opening of schools under Level 3 lockdown.

Fumigation takes place in a compare room in preparation of the opening of faculties under Degree 3 lockdown.

  • One of the most checks had leaked from among the manager’s printers.
  • A probe by a job team learned given the truth the spread of the leakages had been by job of WhatsApp, their full extent would possibly possibly possibly possibly not be uncovered. 
  • The investigating team learned there used to be no fashionable leak and candidates’ scripts and the integrity of the mixed checks had been not compromised. 

A file performed by the Department of Long-established Training’s Nationwide Investigations Job Team has concluded there used to be no fashionable leaking of the Nationwide Senior Certificates Arithmetic Paper 2 and Physical Sciences Paper 2 closing yr.

The investigation, which used to be instituted by the Nationwide Examinations Irregularities Committee after reviews of leaks throughout the examination period closing yr, centered on, among others, investigative marking, verification and statistical evaluation of marks. 

“What appeared from the investigation used to be that candidates had genuinely shown that they had accomplished the work for my fragment, and that there used to be no evidence of collusion, and that the leaks had in actuality spread thru a WhatsApp message,” committee chairperson suggest Luvuyo Bono talked about throughout a briefing in Pretoria on Sunday.

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Bono added, in retaining with evidence presented, the team learned the mixed examinations had been not compromised and the committee used to appreciate with the file’s findings.

The silly of the Nationwide Investigations Job Team, Hugh Amoore, talked about they had been tasked to place the extent of the leaks, settle the provision of the protection breach and title candidates who had uncover admission to to the leaked papers.

The total extent of the leaks would possibly possibly possibly possibly not be uncovered due to they had been spread by job of WhatsApp.

matric exam leak

Screenshot of Matric exam leak file.

Amoore added an investigation by the Directorate for Precedence Crime Investigation (Hawks) had learned a leak had happened from one province’s contract printers and the suspect keen used to be arrested and appeared in court docket. 

He talked about the division had performed intensive audits on the distribution of both quiz papers and learned there had been no breaches throughout their storage and distribution.

Proof showed 236 arithmetic and 62 bodily sciences candidates had been sent screenshots outdated to the paper 2 examinations, the file learned. 

However the duty team talked about the on hand evidence would possibly possibly possibly possibly not set apart the final extent of the leaks.

No evidence

Investigative marking for arithmetic used to be performed at 116 centres and 5 612 had been verified, whereas for bodily sciences, 17 centres had been audited and 473 scripts verified. 

“The investigative marking aimed to settle any weird patterns and severely to settle whether or to not place if there had been any collusion at a enlighten centre in appreciate of a enlighten quiz or quiz papers,” Amoore talked about. 

He added the findings from the investigative marking job showed most scripts had been person work and rankings of these that had been in a WhatsApp group, termed “A” (a high achievers group), had been high. 

Candidates who had been in WhatsApp group A had uncover admission to to questions 6.2 and 6.4, every carrying five marks. 

matric exam leak

Screenshot of Matric exam leak file.

The file published there had been nine WhatsApp teams and they also had been labeled from A to I. They consisted of 283 candidates and 180 had been verified. 

“This investigative marking used to be self-discipline to verification by a team from the division of these that had been in enlighten teams. And the headlines from that verification are clear that no evidence used to be learned to indicate that these candidates benefited from prior uncover admission to to the quiz paper or sub questions,” Amoore talked about.

Suspected candidates (these that had been sent screenshots) obtained completely different marks per questions.

He added completely different candidates’ performances showed evidence there used to be a necessity for additional investigation.

The team had additionally performed statistical evaluation of the sequence of of us who wrote the 2 papers from 2016 and learned there used to be no weird patterns. 


Per the file: 

  1. Per the evidence we now appreciate on hand for the time being from the investigative marking and the statistical evaluation, fashionable leaks live not appear to appreciate happened.
  2. There has been no compromise to the integrity of the 2020 mixed examination as a whole.
  3. The  integrity of the  Arithmetic P2 and Physical Sciences P2 has not been compromised overall. 

The investigation concluded despite the indisputable truth that there had been two serious leaks, the damage, then again, used to be restricted to a puny sequence of candidates who had accessed the 2 papers outdated to them being written. 

The team suggested it used to be fundamental the case against the suspect from the Authorities Printing Works, who used to be accused of stealing and leaking the papers, be finalised and concluded. 

The project team submitted the file with suggestions to the Council for Quality Assurance, Umalusi, closing Friday. 

It suggested that:

  • Finest in category C and D, the results would possibly be blocked pending additional investigation.
  • In categories A, and B the results would possibly be launched, pending additional investigation.
  • In category E, results would possibly be launched pending college level investigation.

Umalusi used to be expected to brief on the integrity of the examinations on Monday.

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