Nigeria pushes for  companionship in labour to spice up maternal health providers

Abuja, 9 February, 2021 – “My husband become with me in the provision room for the length of the birth of our second child. His presence made the labour ache tolerable. It gave me a sense of restful as it had a psychological and emotional cease on me,” says Mrs Taliah Chukwuma, a businesswoman.

”We were fortunate that the clinical institution the build I delivered allowed spouses or relatives to be fresh in provide rooms. We had been having a peer forward to the skills,”  Mrs Chukwuma, one in all the Nigerian girls who possess benefitted from the companionship in labour programme supported  by the World Health Organization (WHO) provides.

WHO, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) the employ of the Nigeria Maternal and Perinatal Database for Quality, Equity and Dignity (MPD-4-QED) programme supported by MSD for Mothers, has been encouraging hospitals to enable expectant mothers to possess the possibility of deciding on a companion, companion or relative to be fresh in the provision room.  

One of many approaches adopted the employ of the MPD-4-QED programme is promoting companionship in labour as a hallmark of quality care in 54 tertiary hospitals across Nigeria. MPD-4-QED has been the employ of a standardized electronic platform to get, collate and audit routine maternal and perinatal data in tertiary health providers across the nation. 

Narrating her skills, Mrs Chukwuma said she become overjoyed that her husband become with her. 

”His presence made the labour more straightforward though the ache become there. He become there retaining my hands and whispering soothing words. The indisputable fact that somebody is supporting you affords goes a prolonged procedure in relieving the misfortune. He saw the misfortune girls wade thru to birth a baby. It made him fancy the diminutive one and me extra, it also helped me heal sooner. I’m chuffed WHO is promoting this so as that other girls can income too,” she said.  

Within the meantime, Mrs Chukwuma’s husband, Uche, expressed blended emotions over the skills.

”Witnessing the birth of a kid is an skills every man should always possess, nonetheless I’m able to repeat you it is miles now not easy,” he said. ”I’m overjoyed I become there to provide the emotional, physical and psychological give a boost to by being in the provision room with her.”

Practicing clinical examiners for implementation  

Since the implementation, the numbers of women in the South-South and North-Central zones, who had folks follow them for the length of provide possess increased. An observational stare from 12 health providers in Ilorin, Kwara utter confirmed that 84.4% of pregnant girls need company for the length of labour. Of these, 14.2% of the participants as soon as had a companion fresh at previous deliveries whereas 84.4% were happy with the skills.

Within the meantime, the Deputy Director/Safe Motherhood and Desk Officer for Maternal and Perinatal Dying Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) FMOH, Dr Samuel Oyeniyi, said companionship in labour on the demand of the mummy builds belief, safety and happiness. He said this happens even when the mummy is in misfortune, as natural anaesthesia comes with the enjoyment of being a mother.

“On the other hand, to successfully institutionalize the train across the nation, several steps will possess to be taken, in conjunction with changes to the provision wards and policy on the health providers stage,” says Dr Bose Ezekwe, of WHO Nigeria.

“Whether or no longer a companion will be allowed for the length of childbirth is dependent on the sanatorium as many predominant healthcare centres, and tertiary health providers in Nigeria feature birth wards with a couple of beds separated by curtains to make certain privateness. In centres the build it become winning, many girls selected their husbands, mothers, mothers-in-laws or sisters because the companion of preference,” said Dr Ezekwe. 

The MPD-4-QED programme is supported by funding from MSD, thru MSD for Mothers, the corporate’s $500 million world initiative to motivate invent an world the build no lady has to die whereas giving lifestyles. MSD for Mothers is an initiative of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, U.S.A. 

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