Petrol can also merely sell for N200 per litre as oil brand hits nearly $60 per barrel

Oil marketers have said that the brand of top rate motor spirit, in any other case is named petrol, ought to quiet be between N185 and N200 per litre, in step with the most modern realities within the global coarse oil market, until the Federal Authorities desires to hotfoot encourage to subsidizing the product.

This disclosure is coming as the global oil brand nears $60 per barrel as OPEC and its allies pledge to continue to slit down on coarse oil inventories and expected enhance in global demand attributable to the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccine in some predominant economies.

The marketers have expressed their issues over the non-implementation of the tubby deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector as the pump costs of petrol have remained unchanged for over 2 months, in spite of the sizzling enhance in global oil costs.

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According to a file by Punch, top officers of 2 predominant marketers’ associations said the continued enhance in oil costs had introduced encourage petrol subsidy.


The oil marketers had expected one more upward adjustment of petrol costs since the rise of Brent coarse from $41.51 per barrel as of November 13, 2020, to the most modern brand of $59.84 per barrel, reflecting a 44% enhance.

They have been, nevertheless, taken aback with the N5 reduction announced by the Federal Authorities in December, within the wake of their negotiations with organized labour, a pattern that left them taken aback and raised questions over authorities’s deregulation protection.

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Coarse oil brand accounts for a predominant chunk of the final worth of petrol, and the country has continued to utilize so considerable on petrol imports for about a years amid low domestic refining capability.

The marketers said that the most modern brand of between N160 and N165 per litre at many filling stations in Lagos is now not sustainable as the pump brand ought to quiet be between N185 and N200 per litre.

What the Marketers are pronouncing

The Govt Secretary/Chief Govt Officer, Main Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria, Mr Clement Isong, said, “Participants of my association are working in Nigeria and care about the long-period of time sustainability of the industry as effectively as the country itself.

“So, all of us know that looking on what change rate you exhaust, the pump brand ought to quiet be between N185 and N200 per litre. For thus long as we continue to sell the product at what we’re at show promoting it, then any person is bearing the worth of subsidy, and the country surely can not have the funds for subsidy at present.

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He said the demand for petrol had elevated a good deal within the country, with threats to safety of present as smuggling can also have resumed following the outlet up of the borders and crucial brand differences across neighbouring worldwide locations.

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He said, “So, we would prefer to utterly restructure our total present chain. We have now got to attain a jam the save, if deregulation takes raise out, refining will resume in Nigeria. We have now got to search out a potential of making clear that Nigerians earnings from deregulation. That, I comprise, is what the dialogue ought to quiet be.”

It ought to also also be recalled that the Federal Authorities had earlier announced the graduation of discussions with representatives of organized labour on how to enhance the freight costs, one in every of the formulation that construct up touchdown worth of imported petrol, from N7.51 per litre to N9.11 per litre.

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The National Operation Controller, Self sustaining Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, Mr Mike Osatuyi, said that the implementation of the fresh freight rate would result in petrol brand enhance.

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He said, “Already, we’re encourage to subsidy, and from the files I have which is confirmed, the Federal Authorities is subsidising about N1.8bn per day because 70 million litres are being pumped out day-after-day now because the borders have been opened; I don’t know the save the gasoline is going.

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“Authorities can not have the funds for subsidy, and there might be now not any subsidy within the budget. So, the market fundamentals need to attain to force now.

“In accordance with $56 per barrel of coarse oil, our pump brand ought to quiet be about N186 to N190. However now that oil brand has even long gone to $59, then pump brand ought to quiet now not be lower than N200 per litre. There might be now not any such thing as a potential Nigerians can steer clear of petrol brand enhance.

Osatuyi said the rise in oil costs had already pushed up the pump costs of diesel and kerosene within the country.

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What you ought to quiet know

  • The Federal Authorities had in September 2020, announced tubby deregulation of the downstream sector of the petroleum industry, pronouncing that this can step encourage from fixing the brand of petrol and enable market forces and coarse oil brand to search out out the worth of the product.
  • The authorities eradicated petrol subsidy in March 2020 after lowering the pump brand of the product to N125 per litre from N145 attributable to the fracture in coarse oil costs.
  • This changed into once later elevated from N121.50-N123.50 per litre in June to N140.80-N143.80 in July, N148-N150 in August, N158-N162 in September and N163-N170 in November.
  • The marketers quiet rely heavily on the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, which has been the sole importer of petrol into the country today, for their petrol present in spite of the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector.
  • Here is thanks to the inability of the private oil advertising and marketing and marketing companies to win admission to international change at the reliable rates, which has hampered their efforts to resume petrol importation.

Chike Olisah is a graduate of accountancy with over 15 years working expertise within the monetary service sector. He has labored in analysis and advertising and marketing and marketing departments of three top industrial banks. Chike is a senior member of the Nairametrics Editorial Team.
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