Big Bowl 2021 final ranking, results: Bucs, Tom Brady kill but every other Big Bowl title in earn over Chiefs

For the 2d time in franchise historical previous, the Buccaneers are Big Bowl champions. And for the seventh time in his profession, Tom Brady is a Big Bowl champion.

Brady outdueled Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs on Sunday evening, keeping them from repeating as Big Bowl champs. He did that by winding up 21 of 29 passes for 201 yards and three touchdowns to no interceptions. He moreover obtained wait on from operating backs Ronald Jones II (12 carries, 61 yards) and Leonard Fournette (16 carries, 89 yards, one ranking) in the Bucs’ 31-9 rout.

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If total objects could earn Big Bowl MVP, on the opposite hand, this 365 days’s award would undoubtedly mosey to Todd Bowles’ Buccaneers defense: The neighborhood exiguous Mahomes to 26-of-49 passing for 270 yards and pulled in two interceptions. Rookie operating assist Clyde Edwards-Helaire became once the Chiefs’ leading rusher with 64 yards, whereas tight discontinuance Travis Kelce led all receivers with 10 receptions and 133 yards. Tyreek Hill caught seven passes for 67 yards.

The Bucs’ defense became once rapid and aggressive, attacking Mahomes in the backfield all evening and sacking him three cases for 27 yards in losses. It moreover allowed staunch three third-down conversions on 13 attempts, and easily one in every of three fourth-down attempts.

Carrying Recordsdata tracked scoring updates and highlights from Big Bowl 55 between the Chiefs and Buccaneers. Test out the final results below:

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Big Bowl 2021 final ranking

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Closing
Chiefs 3 3 3 0 9
Buccaneers 7 14 10 0 31

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers results from Big Bowl 55

Closing: Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9

10: 11 p.m.: Closing: Bucs 31, Chiefs 9

10: 10 p.m.: Victory kneels.

10: 10 p.m.: Bruce Arians is ready to be the oldest coach to earn the Big Bowl. Amazing.

10: 09 p.m.: Interception, Bucs. No such excellent fortune for Mahomes. White defends Kelce at the goal line, bats the ball up in the air and brings in the interception in the discontinuance zone. That’ll notice it.

10: 09 p.m.: Mahomes to Hill for 4 yards staunch down to the 10-yard line. Easiest playing for satisfaction at this point.

10: 06 p.m.: Two-minute warning (2: 00)

10: 05 p.m.: Mahomes’ first fourth-down completion goes to Robinson for 11 yards staunch down to the Tampa 14.

10: 05 p.m.: And now fourth-and-3.

10: 04 p.m.: Mahomes connects with Kelce for 16 yards staunch down to the Tampa 26 to bring up third-and-4.

10: 03 p.m.: Retaining is known as on the Chiefs, making it first-and-20 from the Tampa 42.

10: 02 p.m.: No stop on this Chiefs crew. Mahomes connects with Edwards-Helaire on third down for 18 yards out to the Tampa 32.

10 p.m.: The Chiefs have the ball at their very personal 43.

9: 59 p.m.: Brady but every other time goes long however overthrows Brown. Punt upcoming from the 19 on fourth-and-5.

9: 58 p.m.: Timeout, Kansas metropolis (3: 46)

9: 58 p.m.: Fournette will get 4 yards to originate it third-and-5 from the 19.

9: 57 p.m.: Timeout, Kansas City (3: 52)

9: 57 p.m.: Bucs gain a yard on first-and-10.

9: 53 p.m.: Turnover on downs, Chiefs. Mahomes makes more plays with his toes however can not connect with Hill. However Winfield is known as for taunting after the pass ruin-up, in mutter that’ll pass the Bucs assist to the 13.

9: 52 p.m.: Mahomes finds Hill below the coverage and he takes it 23 yards to originate it fourth-and-10 from the 27.

9: 51 p.m.: Now or no longer it’s Ndamukong Suh who sacks Mahomes; he and Cam Gill converge on the quarterback, making it third-and-33 from midfield.

9: 48 p.m.: A fan has snuck out onto the discipline. At the least he’s wearing shorts.

9: 47 p.m.: Remmers is known as for maintaining, making it first-and-20 from the 37.

9: 46 p.m.: Mahomes completes his first third-down pass of the evening (1 for 9) for 2 yards and a serious down at the 29. Hats off to Todd Bowles for an overwhelming sport.

9: 45 p.m.: Mahomes finds Kelce but every other time for a 12-yard function to the Bucs’ 40. He has been his current target of the evening, tiny doubt.

9: 44 p.m.: Mahomes is overwhelmed by three Bucs defenders, with Pierre-Paul known as for roughing the passer. That 15-yard penalty makes it first-and-10 at the Kansas City 48.

9: 43 p.m.: Mahomes is operating for his life and but every other time throws an incomplete pass. However there’s a flag in the backfield.

9: 42 p.m.: Barrett will get to Mahomes but every other time for an 8-yard loss to the 33.

9: 42 p.m.: Mahomes will get a 33-yard mediate-and-bustle from Kelce out to the 41.

9: 38 p.m: Pinion’s 39-yard punt is gorgeous-caught at the 8-yard line.

9: 38 p.m.: Brady goes deep to Gronk, however overthrows him. He could have tried to plan a pass interference, however you wish to place the ball in a catchable radius for that. Punt upcoming.

9: 36 p.m.: Fournette showing fairly of shiftiness and will get 8 yards out to the Chiefs’ 47.

9: 36 p.m.: Brady to Brate for six yards and a serious staunch down to the 45.

9: 33 p.m.: Jones’ fourth straight lift goes for 4 yards and but every other first down at the 35.

9: 33 p.m.: One other 8 yards for Jones, straight up the gut. Against a stacked box, too.

9: 33 p.m.: Ronald Jones will get 8 on the 2d-down lift. That makes it first-and-10 from the 23.

9: 32 p.m.: Ronald Jones will get 4 yards on the lift, making it 2d-and-6 from the 15. Don’t be taken aback if Tampa Bay runs out the clock right here.

9: 29 p.m.: Turnover on downs, Chiefs. By no fault of Mahomes, or no longer it’s a turnover on downs. He scrambles and geese inside of and out of defenders and throws a pass parallel to the ground, only for the ball to hit Williams in the face masks. Tampa Bay takes over at the 11.

9: 28 p.m.: Timeout, Kansas City (13: 43)

9: 27 p.m.: Mahomes is operating for his life seeking to prolong the play and flings it downfield whereas being introduced down. He targets Pringle in the nook of the discontinuance zone however can not connect. Fourth-and-9 from the 12 upcoming.

9: 26 p.m.: Extra backyard soccer from Mahomes, however Demarcus Robinson can not bring it in on the excessive pass. That can perchance have been a ranking.

9: 25 p.m.: Mahomes splits two defenders to hit Kelce for a 17-yard function to the 12.

9: 22 p.m.: Chiefs will face 2d-and-10 from the 29 on their first play of the main quarter.

Conclude of third quarter: Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9

9: 21 p.m.: Sammy Watkins will get his first reception with a 13-yard function out to the 29. Mahomes is noticeably limping.

9: 20 p.m.: Mahomes at final finds Hill in the commence for a 21-yard function out to the Bucs’ 42.

9: 19 p.m.: Hill is known as for a mistaken commence, making it first-and-15 Chiefs from their 37.

9: 18 p.m.: Edwards-Helaire with some more tricky operating will get 8 yards on 2d down out to the 42.

9: 17 p.m.: Mahomes seems to be to gallop, stops staunch short of the freeway of scrimmage and heaves one to Kelce. The ball falls incomplete, however Carlton Davis is known as for defensive maintaining. That’s a 5-yard penalty and automatic first staunch down to the 30.

9: 13 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, BUCCANEERS. Even when issues mosey nasty for Tampa Bay, it finally ends up all gorgeous. Succop sneaks the ball all the map throughout the left true to originate it 31-9 Bucs with 2: 50 left in the third quarter.

9: 12 p.m.: Catastrophe averted for the Bucs; the snap goes fairly of excessive and rapid and Brady can not bring it in. He wisely dives on it for a 14-yard loss, bringing Ryan Succop on for a 52-yard discipline goal attempt.

9: 11 p.m.: Brady overthrows his receivers on consecutive plays, missing Tanner Hudson in the discontinuance zone and Godwin along the sidelines. The main would have been a touchdown, the 2d a serious down.

9: 10 p.m.: Jones will get 2 yards and a brand unique space of downs at the 19.

9: 09 p.m.: A pair runs by Fournette and Jones makes it third-and-1 from the 21.

9: 08 p.m.: Brady keeps it going. Fakes the handoff to Fournette then excessive-lows assist to the operating assist out of the backfield for a 15-yard function. Bucs riding at the 30.

9: 04 p.m.: Interception, Chiefs. Is it too early to call this sport? Mahomes’ pass to Hill is knocked in the air by Mike Edwards, and Antoine Winfield Jr. brings down the interception. Tampa Bay could have the ball at Kansas City’s 45.

9: 03 p.m.: Barrett at final will get dwelling, beating Mike Remmers for a 6-yard sack on Mahomes to bring up third-and-14.

9: 02 p.m.: Pringle returns the kickoff to the 25. Chiefs desire a touchdown right here; no kicks.

8: 58 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN, BUCCANEERS. Tampa Bay is no longer in actuality slowing down at all. Fournette goes off gorgeous kind out, untouched, for a 27-yard discipline goal. That makes it 28-9, Bucs, with 7: 45 left in the third quarter.

8: 57 p.m.: Gronkowski’s having an mammoth sport. He’s the recipient of but every other gargantuan reception as he takes it 25 yards to the 27-yard line.

8: 56 p.m.: Brady finds Fournette out of the backfield, and he takes it 14 yards out to the 46.

8: 55 p.m.: Third-and-4 upcoming. Kansas City would fancy a three-and-out to commence the half.

8: 54 p.m.: Mickens’ return will get the Bucs a commence at the 26-yard line. The Chiefs desire a discontinue right here, gargantuan-time.

8: 50 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, CHIEFS. Kansas City wanted a touchdown, however this can have to decide for a 52-yard discipline goal from Butker. It’s 21-9, Bucs, with 11: 31 left in the third.

8: 50 p.m.: Chiefs but every other time fail to transform on third down. One other discipline goal attempt upcoming.

8: 48 p.m.: Edwards-Helaire jukes Barrett in his personal backfield and will get the ball to the 37 after a 9-yard function. First down.

8: 47 p.m.: Mahomes to Kelce for a 9-yard function to the Bucs 46.

8: 46 p.m.: Graceful commence: Edwards-Helaire takes the ball up the left sideline for a 26-yard function to the 45 — the crew’s first function of 20 or more yards all sport.

8: 46 p.m.: 2nd half upcoming. The Chiefs commence at their 19.

Halftime: Buccaneers 21, Chiefs 6

8: 17 p.m.: Halftime stats:

Complete plays: Bucs 35, Chiefs 30

Complete yards: Bucs 194, Chiefs 124

Passing: Bucs 16 of 20, 134 yards, three touchdowns; Chiefs 9 of 19, 67 yards

Speeding: Bucs 14 for 60; Chiefs 11 for 57

First downs: Bucs 18; Chiefs 9

Third-down conversions: Bucs 2 for six (0 for 1 fourth down); Chiefs 1 for six

Penalties: Bucs 1 for five yards; Chiefs 8 for 95 yards

Turnovers: N/A

Time of possession: Bucs 16: 41; Chiefs 13: 19

8: 15 p.m.: Kneel. That’ll discontinuance the main half with an overwhelming deficit doubtless nobody predicted.

8: 15 p.m.: Touchback. Now: Kneel or Hail Mary?

8: 14 p.m.: Mathieu is in total identified as for unsportsmanlike habits after the touchdown. Now not that it issues with so tiny time left in the half.

8: 12 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN, BUCCANEERS. Brady fakes the handoff and finds Brown in the discontinuance zone. Tampa Bay, a technique or the opposite, did it but every other time. That makes it 21-6 Bucs with staunch six seconds left in the half.

8: 11 p.m.: Mathieu is known as for pass interference in the discontinuance zone, however it appears like Brady methodology overthrew Evans.

8: 10 p.m.: Timeout, Kansas City (0: 13)

8: 09 p.m.: Timeout, Tampa Bay (0: 13)

8: 09 p.m.: Brady finds Fournette for a gargantuan function for 15 yards to the 9.

8: 08 p.m.: Kansas City’s timeouts bite them in the butt. Breeland is known as for pass interference on Evans at the Chiefs’ 24-yard line with 18 seconds left.

8: 08 p.m.: Gronk will get the pass and will get the main down at the 42.

8: 07 p.m.: Timeout, Kansas City (0: 44)

8: 06 p.m.: Brady goes to Godwin for a 8 yards to bring up third-and-2.

8: 06 p.m.: Timeout, Kansas City (0: 49)

8: 05 p.m.: Fournette is stopped at the freeway of scrimmage. 2nd-and-10 upcoming.

8: 05 p.m.: Jayden Mickens returns the kickoff out to the 29, giving Brady 55 seconds left to gain his crew in scoring position.

8: 02 p.m.: Chiefs will now attempt and steer certain of the Packers’ final-minute reach-apart of the NFC championship sport.

8: 01 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, CHIEFS. Butker’s gorgeous from 34 yards out, giving the Chiefs their 2d ranking of the game. That makes it 14-6 Bucs with 1: 04 left in the half.

8 p.m.: Barrett but every other time will get after Mahomes, forcing him to retreat and throws the ball away. One other discipline goal attempt upcoming.

8 p.m.: Mahomes’ pass to Kelce will get to the 15, citing third-and-6. Four-down territory right here?

7: 59 p.m.: Mahomes but every other time forced to prolong plays with his toes. HIis dump-down pass to Hill is swallowed up for a 1-yard loss.

7: 56 p.m.: Two-minute warning (2: 00)

7: 55 p.m.: Kelce will get the pass but every other time after Mahomes plays fairly of backyard soccer in the backfield. That’s but every other first down, with the Chiefs riding at the 18.

7: 54 p.m.: Edwards-Helaire will get 7 on first down out to the 29-yard line.

7: 54 p.m.: Mahomes scrambles left for a serious down at the 36. The clock is winding down at about 3: 30.

7: 53 p.m.: Mahomes seems to be to bustle, pulls up at the final 2d in the pocket and finds Kelce but every other time for a serious down. The Chiefs are now riding across midfield at the 46.

7: 51 p.m.: Mahomes to Kelce on the main play of the flexibility. Immediate recollections by both. Kansas City is riding at the 38.

7: 51 p.m.: The Chiefs are at it but every other time from their 25, and so they desire a ranking right here earlier than halftime.

7: 47 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN, BUCCANEERS. Brady to Gronk AGAIN! Kansas City’s L’Jarius Sneed tried to address up the tight discontinuance and he peaceful caught it in the discontinuance zone to originate it 14-3 Bucs with 6: 03 left earlier than halftime.

7: 45 p.m.: Amazing. The Bucs’ discipline goal is appropriate, however the Chiefs’ Antonio Hamilton is known as for lining up in the neutral zone. That results in a serious down at the 17. Graceful improbable.

7: 45 p.m.: Brady and his receivers are no longer in sync and it hits Tyler Johnson in his shoulder pad without his seeing it. Gronkowski is moreover in the online web page.

7: 44 p.m.: Brady to Fournette goes for about 5 yards to the 22. The Bucs have third-and-5 from there.

7: 42 p.m.: Plenty to unpack: Brady’s pass is deflected at the freeway of scrimmage, it bounces off Fournette’s hands and Tyrann Mathieu pulls in an interception. However Charvarius Ward is known as for maintaining earlier than the pass, giving Tampa a serious down at the 27.

7: 41 p.m.: Brady to Gronk in the crossing route for 9 yards. Third-and-4 upcoming from the 32.

7: 40 p.m.: The Chiefs knock Brown for a loss of three on the jet sweep. 2nd-and-13 upcoming from the 41.

7: 37 p.m.: Wow. Townsend shanks the punt for below a 29-yard function to the Kansas City 38.

7: 36 p.m.: The Chiefs are known as for maintaining on the punt, ensuing in a 10-yard penalty. Here comes but every other Chiefs punt, this one from the 9-yard line.

7: 35 p.m.: Oof. Mahomes but every other time is compelled, however he finds Kelce for the main down … till the talented tight discontinuance drops it. One other punt upcoming, and the Chiefs have only four first downs to this point. Amazing defensive effort by Tampa to this point.

7: 34 p.m.: Darrel Williams only will get 2 yards on 2d down, citing third-and-8.

7: 33 p.m.: Mahomes to Hill on the short slant, and he weaves inside of and out of defenders for a 14-yard function to the 15.

7: 31 p.m.: The Bucs challenged the call, however it stands. That rate Tampa its 2d timeout and a functionality to divulge later. Chiefs, in the period in-between, address over at the 1-yard line.

7: 28 p.m.: Turnover on downs, Bucs. The Chiefs mosey for it on fourth-and-goal and Jones is known as short but every other time! A goal-line stand! This one’s undoubtedly going to the sales web page for evaluate although.

7: 28 p.m.: Ronald Jones is stopped at the goal line.

7: 27 p.m.: Joe Haeg almost will get a elephantine-man touchdown, however or no longer it’s broken up in the discontinuance zone. Amazing defensive play (and a motive you never mosey for a elephantine-man touchdown in the Big Bowl).

7: 26 p.m.: Ronald Jones will get 4 yards staunch down to the 2. Chris Jones is in on the kind out.

7: 25 p.m.: Timeout, Tampa Bay (12: 25)

7: 24 p.m.: Bucs mosey bustle up, and Brady connects with Mike Evans on the deep crossing route for a 31-yard function to the 6-yard line. Bucs are rolling on offense gorgeous now.

7: 23 p.m.: Jones will get a 7-yard function on first staunch down to the Chiefs 45. He follows that up with a serious-down bustle to the 37.

7: 22 p.m.: Uh-oh. Chris Jones is known as for useless roughness after the play. Ryan Jensen obtained fairly of shove at the whistle, however Jones is caught retaliating. Either methodology, or no longer it’s first down at the Bucs 48.

7: 22 p.m.: Third-and-6 upcoming already for the Bucs.

7: 20 p.m.: Mahomes’ show conceal pass bounces off the intended target’s hands. That’s a three-and-out, and Tampa Bay will address over at the 30 after staunch a 27-yard punt from Tommy Townsend.

Conclude of first quarter: Buccaneers 7, Chiefs 3

7: 16 p.m.: Mahomes to Hill for six yards on 2d-and-10. That’ll be the final play of the quarter, and the Chiefs will face third-and-4 on their first play after the ruin.

7: 15 p.m.: Byron Pringle takes the kickoff from 4 yards deep for a 41-yard return to the 37.

7: 14 p.m.: Uncommon little bit of trivialities: That Brady touchdown to Gronk no longer only is his first-ever first-quarter in the Big Bowl (it took 10 tries) however moreover breaks the Joe Montana-Jerry Rice memoir of tandem Big Bowl touchdowns.

7: 10 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN, BUCCANEERS. The Bucs’ truthful pass is capped by a improbable touchdown connection between Brady and Grab Gronkowski; the tight discontinuance goes in motion in the backfield and is already operating elephantine lumber when Brady connects with him on the tight discontinuance show conceal. It’s 7-3 Bucs with 37 seconds left in the main quarter.

7: 09 p.m.: Brady to Brown on a posthaste pass; the receiver delivers a monster stiff-arm to Breeland to originate it 2d-and-5 from the 8.

7: 09 p.m.: Fournette bounces at the freeway of scrimmage, regains his center of gravity and takes it 11 yards up the gorgeous sideline for a serious staunch down to the 13. Bucs can gain a serious down with out a ranking.

7: 08 p.m.: Now they mosey Cameron Brate on the tight discontinuance show conceal, getting 15 yards staunch down to the 24-yard line.

7: 07 p.m.: Now Brady finds Antonio Brown on a mosey route that comes assist staunch fairly; that offers Tampa a serious down at the Chiefs 39 after the function of 16.

7: 07 p.m.: Bashaun Breeland almost intercepts a Brady pass, however he’s known as for maintaining on Mike Evans. First down Bucs at their 45.

7: 06 p.m.: Fournette will get 6 on the third lift, giving the Bucs a serious down at their very personal 35.

7: 05 p.m.: Leonard Fournette will get assist-to-assist carries, citing third-and-1 at the 29.

7: 04 p.m.: Brady and Co. but every other time address over at the 25 following a touchback on the kickoff.

7: 01 p.m.: FIELD GOAL, CHIEFS. Harrison Butker’s 49-yard discipline goal is appropriate! There is your first aspects of the Big Bowl; Chiefs lead 3-0 with 5: 14 left in the main quarter.

7 p.m.: Mahomes avoids the double nook blitz and throws a aspect-arm pass downfield, however the ball goes through Hill’s hands and hits him square in the face masks. Here comes a long discipline goal attempt.

6: 57 p.m.: Mahomes will get a free play and almost finds his receiver in the discontinuance zone, however or no longer it’s batted away at the final minute by Sean Murphy-Bunting. It’s miles a serious down for the Chiefs at the Bucs’ 30 following the offsides by Jason Pierre-Paul.

6: 56 p.m.: Refined operating by the rookie operating assist Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who powers through just a few tackles for a (advance) first down at the K.C. 48. Mahomes will get the main down on the following play with an 11-yard gallop to the Tampa 41.

6: 55 p.m.: Tyreek Hill will get his first contact of the game, a toss left for five yards.

6: 54 p.m.: Officers moved it assist to the 38; peaceful appropriate discipline position.

6: 51 p.m.: Bradley Pinion’s punt takes a Chiefs jump to the Kansas City 42. Bucs are going to have to ranking soon; they can not assist playing a (losing) war of discipline position.

6: 51 p.m.: Frank Clark will get to Brady for a 1-yard loss, citing fourth-and-14. One other punt upcoming.

6: 49 p.m.: That’s followed straight by a reverse to receiver Scotty Miller, who’s tackled for a 3-yard loss by Frank Clark. 2nd-and-13 upcoming.

6: 49 p.m.: Ronald Jones II will get the Bucs’ first first down of the game with a 13-yard burst to the gorgeous. Tampa Bay riding at the 33.

6: 45 p.m.: Touchback on the 51-yard punt.

6: 45 p.m.: Attention-grabbing play there; Bucs but every other time dial up the stress, however Mahomes overthrows a reasonably huge-commence Mecole Hardman downfield. Here comes the 2d punt of the day (and Kansas City’s 2d of the postseason).

6: 44 p.m.: Chiefs but every other time face third-and-8. Bucs doing a appropriate job in coverage to this point.

6: 43 p.m.: Barrett but every other time pressures from Mahomes’ gorgeous, however he scrambles for 11 yards out to the 47.

6: 42 p.m.: Shaq Barrett blitzes off the brink and has a entirely commence lane to Mahomes, forcing him to throw it in the dirt. Third-and-7 upcoming now.

6: 40 p.m.: A 40-yard punt is downed at the 33-yard line. That’s where Mahomes and Co. will address over.

6: 39 p.m.: Tampa already going through third-and-6 after a couple short beneficial properties … and Brady’s throw to Chris Godwin in the residences is too long. They’ll mosey three-and-out to commence the game.

6: 38 p.m.: Bucs commence their series at the 23. Big Bowl 55, right here we mosey.

6: 34 p.m.: The Chiefs call heads and earn the toss, electing to defer to the 2d half. Brady and the Bucs gain the ball first.

6: 31 p.m.: Travis Kelce and Lavonte David taking the coin toss for the Chiefs and Bucs, respectively.

6: 21 p.m.: President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden give a pregame message to the Big Bowl contestants; they quiz for a 2d of silence for folk which have died ensuing from COVID-19. Raymond James Stadium is … particularly loud.

6: 14 p.m.: Additionally, for folk that neglected it: The playing of “Bewitch Every State and State” by Alicia Keys, played earlier than the Big Bowl:

6: 09 p.m.: It’s about that point. Listed below are inactives for both teams: It seems the Bucs could have a number of alternatives willing with Antonio Brown, LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins and Cameron Brate all vigorous:

Listed below are the Chiefs’ inactives for Big Bowl LV:

CB BoPete Keyes

RB Darwin Thompson

TE Ricky Seals-Jones

DE Tim Ward

DT Khalen Saunders

QB Matt Moore

CB Chris Lammons

— Matt McMullen (@KCChiefs_Matt) February 7, 2021

Big Bowl commence time

  • Date: Sunday, Feb. 7
  • Time: 6: 30 p.m. ET

Big Bowl 55 between the Chiefs and Buccaneers kicks off at 6: 30 p.m. ET, which has change into the related outdated time for Big Bowls. The sport will be played on Sunday, Feb. 7, which is 2 weeks after the conference championship games clear that Kansas City and Tampa Bay would play in the season’s final sport.

You wants so as to search out Big Bowl coverage all around the place your cable channels all the map throughout the day, together with morning coverage on NFL community and prolonged pregame presentations on CBS earlier than kickoff.

What channel is the Big Bowl on?

The 2021 Big Bowl will be broadcast on CBS, which has in truth flipped its flip in the three-community rotation with NBC. NBC desired to alternate to broadcast the 2022 Big Bowl to pair its selling with its 2022 Winter Olympics coverage.

This will doubtless be the 21st Big Bowl on CBS, basically the most of any channel. This will moreover be the final all the map throughout the unique broadcast settlement that expires after 2022 and featured the three-community rotation of CBS, NBC and Fox, which broadcasted final 365 days’s sport.

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