Who is the female referee in Excellent Bowl 2021? Meet Sarah Thomas, the NFL’s first lady official

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Sarah Thomas’ daughter was currently asked on a college assignment what she desired to produce in due route.

“‘I fast them I desired to be a mother,'” Thomas relayed, per NFL.com, “‘a trainer, and a ref adore my mother.'”

Thomas, the NFL’s ultimate female official, will become the first lady to officiate a Excellent Bowl when she works the Chiefs vs. Buccaneers game on Feb. 7. The 47-yr extinct Thomas, who’s been on the job within the NFL since 2015, mentioned her daughter shall be staring at the substantial game from home. She may maybe no longer be the ultimate younger lady noticing Thomas and dreaming substantial.

“It be exact so meaningful,” Thomas mentioned. “I by no diagram situation out to be the first in any of this, however intellectual the impression that I’m having on no longer exact my daughter however younger girls in each place, females in each place, when I fetch on that subject, and I bag it all in, I know that I’m doubtlessly gonna fetch a minute bit teary eyed. It be exact excellent, and I’m in truth honored and humbled to be a section of this yr’s Excellent Bowl crew.”

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Thomas, a Pascagoula, Plod over. native, began officiating formative years and excessive school football video games in her home dispute after graduating from the College of Cell. She joined Convention USA in 2007 and labored in college football until her hiring by the NFL in 2015.

When Thomas began her NFL profession, she served as a line resolve. Since 2017, she’s been a down resolve. Which diagram she lines up alongside the line of scrimmage and watches for, among other issues, offside and unlawful contact by defensive backs on receivers finish to the line.

“She understood that the principles of the sport of football desires to be applied internal the spirit of the sport and no longer internal the technical writing of the principles,” venerable NFL official Gerry Austin mentioned in 2015. “I’ve repeatedly (pressured) figuring out the spirit of principles and do not be technical. If there is a call to be made, appreciate the braveness to produce the decision, and she fit internal that framework. And he or she has large conversation talents. She has the flexibility to mild the coach down and to sign whatever the coach is questioning. More times than no longer, a coach exact desires to vent. We attempt and give him his 15-20 seconds to vent after which inquire, ‘What’s your demand?'”

Thomas is joined on the Excellent Bowl sidelines by two female coaches, every with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Lori Locust is a defensive line assistant coach for Tampa Bay, whereas Maral Javadifar is an assistant power and conditioning coach. 

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“I in actuality feel extraordinarily blessed to appreciate this more than a few, and I know that Coach Lo and, I’m certain, Sarah, in actuality feel the identical manner,” Javadifar fast newshounds this week. “I produce have up for the day when it’s no longer newsworthy to be a lady working within the execs, or making the Excellent Bowl for that subject.”

Optimistically the presence of Thomas, Locust and Javadifar on the Excellent Bowl sidelines is exact the starting. 

What is Sarah Thomas’ goal as an official?

Sarah Thomas will succor because the down resolve for Excellent Bowl 55, a goal she’s held within the NFL since 2017 after two years as a line resolve. The following are the down resolve’s roles on every play form:

  • Bolt performs:  Watches for offside or encroachment; shows sideline; determines when/if a runner is out of bounds; marks runner’s forward progress
  • Plod performs:  Watches nearest receiver for first seven yards of his route until he’s obvious the point of proper contact for defensive backs; watches for pass interference
  • Special teams:  Watches for offside and encroachment; principles on penalties engaging blockers and defenders on trick performs

Sarah Thomas video games as NFL official

Date Team Opponent Set up
September 13, 2015 Houston Texans Kansas Metropolis Chiefs Line Bear
September 20, 2015 Oakland Raiders Baltimore Ravens Line Bear
September 27, 2015 Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons Line Bear
October 12, 2015 San Diego Chargers Pittsburgh Steelers Line Bear
October 18, 2015 Fresh York Jets Washington Redskins Line Bear
October 25, 2015 St. Louis Rams Cleveland Browns Line Bear
October 29, 2015 Fresh England Patriots Miami Dolphins Line Bear
November 15, 2015 Baltimore Ravens Jacksonville Jaguars Line Bear
November 22, 2015 Chicago Bears Denver Broncos Line Bear
November 29, 2015 San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals Line Bear
December 6, 2015 Fresh England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles Line Bear
December 13, 2015 Kansas Metropolis Chiefs San Diego Chargers Line Bear
December 21, 2015 Fresh Orleans Saints Detroit Lions Line Bear
December 27, 2015 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chicago Bears Line Bear
January 3, 2016 Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Line Bear
Date Team Opponent Set up
September 11, 2016 Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers Line Bear
September 19, 2016 Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles Line Bear
September 25, 2016 Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers Line Bear
October 2, 2016 Washington Redskins Cleveland Browns Line Bear
October 9, 2016 Minnesota Vikings Houston Texans Line Bear
October 16, 2016 Fresh York Giants Baltimore Ravens Line Bear
October 23, 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders Line Bear
November 6, 2016 Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Line Bear
November 13, 2016 Tennessee Titans Green Bay Packers Line Bear
November 20, 2016 San Francisco 49ers Fresh England Patriots Line Bear
November 27, 2016 Houston Texans San Diego Chargers Line Bear
December 4, 2016 Cincinnati Bengals Philadelphia Eagles Line Bear
December 11, 2016 Detroit Lions Chicago Bears Line Bear
December 18, 2016 Arizona Cardinals Fresh Orleans Saints Line Bear
December 24, 2016 Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Line Bear
Date Team Opponent Set up
September 10, 2017 Los Angeles Rams Indianapolis Colts Down Bear
September 17, 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chicago Bears Down Bear
October 1, 2017 Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals Down Bear
October 8, 2017 Houston Texans Kansas Metropolis Chiefs Down Bear
October 15, 2017 Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Down Bear
October 22, 2017 San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys Down Bear
November 5, 2017 Seattle Seahawks Washington Redskins Down Bear
November 12, 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers Down Bear
November 16, 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Down Bear
November 26, 2017 Fresh England Patriots Miami Dolphins Down Bear
December 3, 2017 Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams Down Bear
December 17, 2017 Fresh Orleans Saints Fresh York Jets Down Bear
December 25, 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Oakland Raiders Down Bear
December 31, 2017 Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals Down Bear
Date Team Opponent Set up
September 10, 2018 Oakland Raiders Los Angeles Rams Down Bear
September 16, 2018 Fresh Orleans Saints Cleveland Browns Down Bear
September 23, 2018 Baltimore Ravens Denver Broncos Down Bear
September 30, 2018 Los Angeles Chargers San Francisco 49ers Down Bear
October 11, 2018 Fresh York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Down Bear
October 21, 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans Head Linesman
October 28, 2018 Los Angeles Rams Green Bay Packers Head Linesman
November 4, 2018 Cleveland Browns Kansas Metropolis Chiefs Head Linesman
November 11, 2018 Fresh York Jets Buffalo Funds Head Linesman
November 22, 2018 Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins Head Linesman
December 2, 2018 Cincinnati Bengals Denver Broncos Head Linesman
December 9, 2018 Oakland Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers Head Linesman
December 16, 2018 Baltimore Ravens Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Linesman
December 23, 2018 Fresh York Jets Green Bay Packers Head Linesman
December 30, 2018 Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals Head Linesman
January 13, 2019 Fresh England Patriots Los Angeles Chargers Head Linesman
Date Team Opponent Set up
September 8, 2019 Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins Down Bear
September 15, 2019 Baltimore Ravens Arizona Cardinals Down Bear
September 22, 2019 Seattle Seahawks Fresh Orleans Saints Down Bear
September 29, 2019 Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars Down Bear
October 6, 2019 Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers Down Bear
October 20, 2019 Atlanta Falcons Los Angeles Rams Down Bear
October 28, 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins Down Bear
November 3, 2019 Carolina Panthers Tennessee Titans Down Bear
November 10, 2019 Cleveland Browns Buffalo Funds Down Bear
November 21, 2019 Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Down Bear
December 1, 2019 Cincinnati Bengals Fresh York Jets Down Bear
December 8, 2019 Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers Down Bear
December 15, 2019 Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Vikings Down Bear
December 22, 2019 Washington Redskins Fresh York Giants Down Bear
December 29, 2019 Carolina Panthers Fresh Orleans Saints Down Bear
January 11, 2020 San Francisco 49ers Minnesota Vikings Down Bear
Date Team Opponent Set up
September 13, 2020 Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks Down Bear
September 21, 2020 Las Vegas Raiders Fresh Orleans Saints Down Bear
September 27, 2020 Cleveland Browns Washington Soccer Team Down Bear
October 11, 2020 Dallas Cowboys Fresh York Giants Down Bear
October 18, 2020 Jacksonville Jaguars Detroit Lions Down Bear
October 25, 2020 Tennessee Titans Pittsburgh Steelers Down Bear
October 29, 2020 Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons Down Bear
November 8, 2020 Washington Soccer Team Fresh York Giants Down Bear
November 15, 2020 Fresh England Patriots Baltimore Ravens Down Bear
November 22, 2020 Indianapolis Colts Green Bay Packers Down Bear
November 29, 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kansas Metropolis Chiefs Down Bear
December 13, 2020 Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos Down Bear
December 20, 2020 Fresh York Giants Cleveland Browns Down Bear
December 27, 2020 Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos Down Bear
January 3, 2021 Houston Texans Tennessee Titans Down Bear
January 17, 2021 Fresh Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers Down Bear
February 7, 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kansas Metropolis Chiefs Down Bear

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