WHO with funding from the Authorities of Japan to attach port properly being facility in Juba World Airport, South Sudan

4 February 2021, Juba, South Sudan – To mitigate the risk of contaminated-border disease unfold and crop the risk of trail, exchange and public properly being safety, the Authorities of Japan and the World Smartly being Organization (WHO) to attach port properly being facility at Juba World Airport to profit the World Smartly being Regulations (IHR) 2005 core capacities.

“Enforcing IHR (2005) and establishing port properly being facility at Juba World Airport can help South Sudan to elongate its response capability to detect, assess, story and reply promptly and effectively to public properly being dangers”, said Hon. Elizabeth Acuei Yol.

“We acknowledge the toughen of the Authorities of Japan and WHO”, said Hon. Elizabeth Acuei Yol. “The establishment of this Port Smartly being facility at the Juba World Airport is a distinguished milestone in opposition to assembly the nation’s responsibility below the IHR (2005) and in bettering its preparedness and response capability to address these challenges”.

Since South Sudan became a member shriek of WHO, the Ministry of Smartly being with toughen from WHO and companions has initiated the formula of strengthening port properly being products and companies to facilitate the implementation of core capability requirements for factors of entry.

“I sincerely wish that the products and companies could be fully utilized by the Ministry of Public Smartly being in step with COVID-19 to present protection to other folks of South Sudan from the pandemic” said Nobuhiro Kikuchi, Head of Fashion Cooperation of the Embassy of Japan.

On this occasion, Japan and WHO also donated two all-terrain vehicles to the Nationwide Blood Transfusion Companies and products to toughen safe admission to to the worthy-distinguished lifesaving blood provides to properly being products and companies to crop morbidity and mortality.

The vehicles were handed over by the Head of Fashion Cooperation in the Embassy of Japan, Mr Nobuhiro Kikuchi, to the Nationwide Minister of Smartly being, Elizabeth Acuei Yol, in the presence of WHO and the media.

The over USD 162 000 belief to appreciate a fully geared up port properly being facility at Juba World Airport could be operational by next month. The energy is key to galvanizing South Sudan’s epidemic preparedness and response.

WHO appreciates the sustained contribution to the properly-being of the folk of South Sudan by the Authorities of Japan, said Dr Guracha Guyo on behalf of Dr Olushayo Olu, WHO Marketing consultant for South Sudan. “The establishment of a port properly being facility will ensure routine core capability to reply to events that would shriek a public properly being emergency of global self-discipline.

Since 2015, the Authorities of Japan, thru WHO has been supporting the general humanitarian response in South Sudan, including the establishment of blood transfusion products and companies in several facets of the nation and the Public Smartly being Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC) in Juba, provision of lifesaving emergency medicines and provides, strengthening disease surveillance and outbreak response as properly as coaching of community properly being employees on communicable disease administration.

The groundbreaking ceremony on 4 February 2021, was done by Honorable Elizabeth Acuei Yol, Minister of Smartly being, in the presence of the Head of Fashion Cooperation at the Embassy of Japan, the Undersecretary Ministry of Smartly being, Senior Ministry of Smartly being Employees, Civil Aviation Authorities, WHO South Sudan and the media amongst others.

Technical contact:

Dr Alice Ladu, Email: ladua [at] who.int

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