South Africa: Ex-South Africa President Zuma Accused of Hijacking Leer Company in Corruption Probe

Broken-down South African president Jacob Zuma has been accused of manipulating the nation’s stare company for his salvage ends and pocketing funds from the intelligence organisation to enhance himself and polish his image with media shops, in accordance with testimony on the investigation into “negate make a choice”.

Sydney Mufamadi, archaic chairperson of a overview panel overseeing the Inform Security Company, made delicate allegations to the negate make a choice price, in accordance with The Citizen newspaper.

Mufamadi mentioned 135,000 euros monthly used to be funnelled to Zuma by then-minister of negate security David Mahlobo within the 2015/16 financial 365 days, rising to 244,000 euros the following 365 days.

The negate make a choice investigation, led by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, moreover heard evidence this week from a different of unidentified witnesses, to boot as Loyiso Jafta, appearing director overall of the Inform Security Company (SSA).

Mufamadi described having a provide who urged him they were obvious the money used to be given to minister of negate Mahlobo, but could maybe no longer existing that it used to be then passed to the archaic president.

The negate make a choice price is calling into allegations of fraud and corruption, that Zuma and accomplices, equivalent to the well-known Gupta family, outdated negate coffers and resources for his or her salvage ends.

Zuma used to be ordered by the constitutional court on Thursday to notice orders to appear sooner than the special price of enquiry and give evidence, The Times newspaper reported.

Mufamadi moreover urged the inquiry that an initiative known as Project Wave used to be instigated all over Zuma’s rule, in an strive to infiltrate and affect international and local media homes, allegedly looking to counteract detrimental experiences and pictures.

Project Wave devoured up 1.3 million euros all over the 2015/16 financial 365 days, when it launched. One manufacturing company landed extra than 1 million euros in charges for eight months of labor on the alleged Zuma propaganda operation, led by the SSA, in accordance with Mufamadi.

The SSA moreover applied operations to restrict and hinder campaigning by then-deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa for his election to management of the African National Congress (ANC) occasion in 2017, Mufamadi mentioned in his evidence.

The SSA moreover ran ops to infiltrate the Zuma Need to Tumble plod, which led protests against the archaic president in early 2017, Mufamadi urged the court.

The negate make a choice price on Friday applauded the constitutional court’s ruling that Zuma must appear sooner than the investigation, announcing it “upholds the rule of guidelines and emphasises that no one is above the guidelines”.

Since August 2018, when oral testimonies started, the associated price has heard 278 witnesses and issued 2,736 summons, in accordance with statistics from The Times newspaper in December.

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