| Overcome: Cape Town fire victims can now not possess the funds for to rebuild their properties

Vrygrond resident Zozo Nongomso and her baby lost everything when their shack burnt down last week.

Vrygrond resident Zozo Nongomso and her youngster lost all the pieces when their shack burnt down ideal week.

  • About 30 families in Overcome informal settlement approach Vrygrond possess been drowsing originate air for virtually two weeks after a hearth destroyed their shacks on 6 January.
  • Many of the residents are unemployed.
  • They possess got been pleading for the again of the City of Cape Town.

About 30 families in Overcome informal settlement approach Vrygrond, Cape Town, possess been drowsing originate air for virtually two weeks after a hearth destroyed their shacks on 6 January.

The residents, most of whom are unemployed, affirm they assemble now not possess any cash to draw shut discipline cloth to rebuild their properties. The City of Cape Town announced ideal month that it would now not provide emergency kits, which integrated building discipline cloth, to victims of fires and flooding. The City will now absolute most life like relief victims of incidents which possess been formally declared a catastrophe.

On Tuesday, about five of the 30 families managed to rebuild with used discipline cloth they quiet on myth of the blaze. The settlement, established in 2001, has no electrical energy and lots of oldsters use gasoline for cooking.

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Keeping her little child in her arms, Zozo Nongomso said she had lost all the pieces within the fire.

“We absolute most life like possess the dresses we are wearing. Sleeping originate air hungry with kids is difficult. What’s stressing a range of us is where we will gain cash to draw shut textbooks, uniforms and stationery when colleges originate,” she said.

Neighborhood chief Portia Arosi, 38, has lived in Overcome since 2006. She is a single mom of two and is unemployed.

“I lost all the pieces at the side of two beds, fridge and two couches. We’re drowsing originate air. I’m able to now not rebuild the dwelling on myth of I assemble now not possess discipline cloth. I am determined. A friend gave me the dresses I am wearing,” she said.

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Secretary of the Vrygrond Neighborhood Trend Discussion board Nonkosi Fodo said the victims of the blaze had been sitting around the fire all the draw via the evening when criminals looked and demanded zinc.

“A girl was as soon as shot while preventing for her used discipline cloth which the criminals made off with. Neighborhood leaders possess been denied gain entry to to Groot Schuur Properly being facility thanks to Covid-19 lockdown rules.”

Arosi said that the girl was as soon as discharged on Wednesday and is convalescing at a relative’s dwelling.

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National Department of Human Settlements spokesperson McIntosh Polela said that the National Speedy Response Personnel would return to Overcome to search how additionally they can simply relief.

“Reward of the Givers is at the moment helping with amongst others, feeding the affected community participants,” he added.

Malusi Booi, Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, said that the City, in collaboration with the nationwide authorities, would possess in mind systems to assist the families.

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