N95 masks, gamer sort: Razer’s loopy face-hide prototype published

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CES prototype may possibly well perhaps merely be vaporware, but excessive-waste choices own us intrigued.

  • The Razer Project Hazel N95 hide idea.

  • LED grid, customizable by users. While this hide wearer’s mouth is viewed, it be obscured barely by the quilt’s transparent plastic.


  • One other perspective, seemingly posed to terrify everyone.


  • Reckoning on the perspective and lighting, the Project Hazel face hide appears to be like to let loads of light in.


  • Razer Project Hazel N95 hide on a pair of fashions, one in every of whom appears to be like to be asking herself if she left the oven on sooner than leaving dwelling this day.

  • We’re now not certain if the white one is a 3D render or the accurate deal, as the most efficient photos now we own viewed own incorporated the dark model.


  • Storage case, supposed for every and each recharging the ventilators and applying ultraviolet disinfectant to the slots.


  • Same case belief, now in white!


  • Let’s terminate the case…


  • …which contains some place signage. This is the phase of the present that has us most optimistic that this will seemingly be an exact headset within the future (albeit, now not a low-charge one).


  • CGI highlight of silicon nostril guard.


  • Remark augmentation, as boosted through on the least one ventilation slot.


The annual deluge of CES items and gizmos on the entire tries to foretell what consumer-grade tech will glance savor in living rooms of the terminate to future. Nonetheless after a year savor 2020, bendable TVs and surround-sound systems seem less though-provoking than a more pressing class: tech to encourage americans inch outdoors all over an ongoing pandemic.

That’s why we’re taken by the Razer Project Hazel, arguably the most excessive-waste face-hide idea now we own viewed since COVID-19 began ravaging the globe. This N95 hide idea used to be published as phase of Razer’s CES line of gamer-centric products on Tuesday, and it confirmed up as a surprise entry alongside the company’s standard fare of laptops and gaming peripherals.

16.8 million colours for your face? Proceed, why now not

Razer’s gross sales pitch alleges that this should not be sparkling the least bit, for the explanation that company repurposed on the least one in every of its production traces to pump out over 1,000,000 disposable, surgical-grade face masks in 2020. From there, any individual on the company determined to head one further and scheme what appears to be like savor a fancypants, LED-smothered gamer mouse… to your face. Project Hazel accurate now reinforces the company’s affinity for customizable lighting grids, attributable to two rings of light—which offer a boost to 16.8 million colours, because, why now not—circling the quilt’s ventilation slots. We would now not be shy if Razer at closing let avid gamers sync these light grids with within reach mice and keyboards.

After laughing about that aesthetic overkill, on the opposite hand, we most ceaselessly nodded in settlement with Project Hazel’s idea. The machine, as marketed, would contain an brisk ventilation machine, whose slots fit into a recharging case that doubles as an ultraviolet disinfectant. A silicon guard would seal on users’ cheeks and nostril, while a issue-modulation machine and a transparent plastic face would inch the additional mile to assist speech quantity and viewed mouths—stuff you entirely will not uncover in a musty-mission cloth hide. Razer goes even further on guaranteeing your viewed face by providing inside of-going through lights as an probability.

Razer Project Hazel prototype.

For now, Razer gets to veil behind the “idea” stamp. Without a stay demo showing off precisely how it works—or any semblance of originate date, designate, or battery lifestyles on a single charge—Razer’s idea may possibly well perhaps indeed be unachievable vaporware, or it can possibly perhaps merely be prohibitively costly upon originate. Plus, there is the topic of fan-pushed noise and battery-pushed heat, each and each of which have to quiet be disbursed neatly to guarantee the Project Hazel gross sales pitch of with ease leaving the quilt on in public for prolonged spans of time.

As an originate-leer hide, Project Hazel is definitely less dramatic in articulate than the likes of the Narwall Shroud, an $85 probability for the time being within the marketplace that lacks lively ventilation systems (or transparent face plate) and as a exchange relies on a SCUBA-savor, all-over salvage. (From a cursory gaze, it appears to be like savor a large cosplay probability for Snorks fans.) And as of press time, the most though-provoking hide probability now we own found with transparent mouth windows, as phase of our complete hide-making an are attempting to uncover e-book, is trickier to recommend attributable to CDC guidelines.

Despite the indisputable fact that Razer’s prototype by no approach emerges as a stout-blown product, we are going to not imagine the relaxation of the realm tech sector fascinating forward with more tips for how to soundly navigate the outdoors world—successfully sooner than COVID-19 vaccination becomes a social given. Can own to quiet Razer ship us any updates about Project Hazel changing into a retail product, we will support you posted.

Itemizing image by Razer

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