Ethiopia: Govt Denies Reports That Cairo Summoned Its Envoy

Addis Abeba — The website online of labor of the Spokesperson on the Ministry of International Affairs has denied experiences that are broadly circulating announcing that Egypt’s International Ministry has summoned Ethiopia’s envoy in Cairo over feedback on Egypt by Ambassador Dina Mufti, the Spokesperson of the Ministry.

On December 30, Egypt’s leading newspaper Ahram On-line reported that Egypt’s international ministry summoned Ethiopia’s chargé d’affaires on feedback made by Ambassador Dina all through his biweekly press briefing. The news was as soon as additionally reported by Reuters.

“Egypt’s Ministry of International Affairs acknowledged in an announcement that it summoned the Ethiopian chargé d’affaires to Cairo, on Wednesday, to give clarifications about statements quoted by the Ethiopian International Ministry’s spokesperson by which he touched upon Egypt’s interior affairs,” Ahram On-line acknowledged.

On the other hand, the Spokesperson’s website online of labor of Ethiopia’s Ministry of International Affairs told Addis Modern over the cellphone this morning that “There were no official experiences of the summoning until now; the ministry will verbalize the final public if there is one through an official medium.”

Ambassador Dina Mufti’s closing press briefing was as soon as held on Tuesday December 29. In accordance to the official dispatch from the Ministry, the Ambassador did now not level out Egypt in his briefing. On the other hand, Ahram’s news claimed that the Ambassador has “criticized on Tuesday the position of Egypt in the difficulty of the Ethiopian Gigantic Renaissance Dam (GERD), which Ethiopia has started building on the Blue Nile since 2011.”

Accusations on Egypt

Though the authorities has now not officially accused Egypt of having fun with a position in destabilizing Ethiopia, there are rising experiences by numerous media shops, including by those affiliated or intently related to the authorities, accusing Egypt of stepping up efforts to augment the Sudanese authorities in the continuing border conflict with Ethiopia.

The Spokesperson’s website online of labor told Addis Modern that Ethiopia was as soon as yet to select a stance on the topic as issues stand because the nature of the acknowledged toughen is “unclear.” “Egypt has the apt to face by Sudan nonetheless it’s now not made obvious as as to whether or now not it’s some distance backing Sudan through navy toughen or totally different recommendations,” the web site online of labor acknowledged, including the Ethiopian authorities will pick a stance if or after Egypt’s toughen is translated into actions or after it clarified the nature of the acknowledged toughen.

On Tuesday December 22, ESATtv, a TV community known for broadcasting labeled recordsdata from authorities sources, reported that Egypt was as soon as searching to stress Ethiopia through its neighboring countries. Citing credible sources within the authorities the community acknowledged Egypt was as soon as intentionally misrepresenting the federal authorities’s navy operation in Tigray and pressuring donor countries to in the cleave worth of the encourage equipped to Ethiopia. It additionally acknowledged the embassy of Egypt in Addis Abeba was as soon as engaged in misinforming EU diplomats stationed in the city to comprise suspicious perceptions of the operation in Tigray, contributing to EU’s decision to preserve encourage to Ethiopia.

Egypt is additionally using its media to propagate fraudulent recordsdata referring to the operation in Tigray by painting it as a civil battle and accusing the authorities of UAE of involvement in the battle. Attributing its sources to credible authorities portray, the community extra acknowledged that Egypt was as soon as additionally interfering in Ethiopia’s interior affairs by backing armed rebels in Benishangul Gumuz regional announce and by striving to forestall the liquidation of TPLF. Leaders of the rebellion neighborhood in Benishangul Gumuz comprise traveled the total means to Egypt to internet toughen, and that the Ethiopian authorities has taken repeat of it, the community acknowledged.

Relating to Egypt’s are trying and maneuver countries in the Horn of Africa to stress Ethiopia, the community acknowledged that Egypt was as soon as contacting neighboring countries to comprise the potential to persuade them to in the cleave worth of their ties with Ethiopia. By building a real economic and navy family with Sudan, Egypt is additionally searching to separate Sudan from Ethiopia. ESATtv cited a labeled portray as announcing that using a joint navy operation with Sudan as a pretext, Egypt has stationed 16 navy airplane in an airbase called Dindar.

Furthermore, the portray acknowledged that Egypt was as soon as searching to lengthen its have an effect on in Somalia by offering navy encourage for peacekeeping and assisting Somalia’s navy. Egypt is attempting to establish a navy nasty in Somalia. Similarly, the portray acknowledged following the hot verbalize to by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, Egypt has equipped South Sudan with radio jamming equipment and air protection machine. The 2 countries comprise additionally agreed to bring 300 Egyptian troopers to South Sudan under the guise of navy advisory positions, the community cited the doc in its possession, including that Ethiopian authorities sources additionally acknowledged Egypt was as soon as already using South Sudan’s air situation for navy coaching.

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